Maverick Rollbacks?

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okay my chances for a rollback on something is increasing slightly :D

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Jump to Conclusions said:
LSMs don't act as brakes in themselves. The inverters have to be setup to brake their load whenever they are not running.

In the event of a rollback, wouldn't they just need to short out the loops of wire in the stators? As the train rolls back, the train/stators would act as a generator and act to slow the train. Or else the iron in the stator could act as an conductor instad.*

Or else can you please explain the whole thing about the inverters? It seems to me that would be an unecessairly complex solution.

*Footnote: The complex physics was excluded from my question

Would my cell phone be OK in my pocket during the ride, or should I leave it in the car to avoid the magnetic interference?

Man, if one more persons asks about their cell phone on this ride I'm going to scream. Read the threads people - your cell phone will be FINE. Geesh.

But, leave it in the car anyways. One less loose article is a good thing.

Don't get your pants all in a bunch dude..FYI I did read the threads and was not able to find a definite answer..that's why I posted the question. And I have pockets that zip so I won't lose the phone. And I just HAVE to ask again... Will my cell phone be safe in my pocket? :-p LOL

My pants aren't in a bunch, dude. But thanks. :)

I answered the phone question on page one. If you weren't satisfied with that answer, Jump to Conclusions gave a VERY detailed explanation of why the LSMs on Maverick would have NO effect on anything you might be carrying with you.

So, your cell phone will be safe from being damaged by magnets while in your pocket. As far as just being safe from other stuff; that can't be guaranteed.

What about those punk kids with the metal ball bearing necklaces and chains? If one breaks will it get sucked onto the track? That would be kinda bizarre to see!


Forget that - What if someone has some sort of metal plate in their body? O.o

Cedar Point is installing metal detectors at all the gates and confiscating anything metal from ALL guests.

That way there will be no problems on Maverick or Wicked Twister.

If you have a metal plate in your body, you are turned away. Sucks to be you. *** Edited 5/25/2007 3:26:24 PM UTC by halltd***

REALLY!?..... SWEET. *sarcasm*


I had a rollback on Friday June 8th. It was not a smooth all at once roll like you see on Dragster. It was kind of herky-jerky all the way down. A member of the ride crew came out to make sure everyone was ok and not freaked out. We sat out on the outer part of the track for about 10 minutes, then they rolled us back a bit into the launch position and relaunched. It was a nice group of people and we had a beautiful view. I was glad I had put my Joe Cool Maverick fleece on while standing in line because it was a bit cool and breezy out there. I felt pretty bad for the girls in tank tops.

I want a rollback soo bad!!! especially in the tunnel! that would be so cool. :)

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Can't wait until '08!

Didn't have a roll back (yet) but we were stuck in the tunnel for a while. Oddly enough, this was the same day (Monday June 11) all the 'suits' from Cedar Fair were there to ride their new purchase.

As I found out from Mr. Kinzel (who was behind us and later introduced himself) Apparently, if two trains get to close together, the ride shuts itself down.

I have to say, it is very cool to be at a complete stop for over 30 minutes and get launched out at 70mph. However, the most entertaining part of the afternoon - watching 10 CF executives get stuck on the 'new' ride!

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Very exciting olesko2. I'm super jealous. I've never met Dick, but next year I'm definitely going to CoasterMania, so I hope then I'll be able to. But wow... to ride the new coaster with him! Congrats.

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My friend and I was riding maverick yesturday, and we were stoped in the tunnel for about 10 minutes. some guy on the train behind us tried to pull out a camera while going up the lift hill. they stoped and rolled back. but once we were lunched we stoped again at the break stop infront of the platform. the same person tried to pull the camera out again! that time i saw the train roll bak into place.

all together we waited in that train for about a half an hour. but it was all good because once they let us out, they said we could get a free ride on millenium! and skip the 2 hour wait!

It's nice to see them actually stopping the trains on the lift when people try to pull out cameras. I just hope they're confiscating the cameras and not returning them to the owner.

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CP does a really good job controlling riders. I've been on MF once when someone unbuckled their seatbelt on the lift, and the ride instantly shut down. This happened again while I was in line for it during my last visit. What prompts these people to do such stupid things?

Oh I know... you're a REAL tough guy if you ride a roller coaster without your seat belt. Silly me.

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When i was in line for the Magnum last year they stopped a train at the top of the lift hill just to comphiscate a camera. It took a long time to do it though, since a worker had to climb all of those steps all of the way to the top and take it from him.

Oh and when the train got back to the station, the workers told the guy he couldnt get his nice digital camera back until some person looked at it and deleted all of his pictures :)

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I wonder how many cameras and cell phones have been broken due to riding roller coasters at CP... I know my brother lost his on Magnum one time because his phone was in his upper pocket (that's not zippered or buttoned). I gave him tons of crap for that one. But I bet CP could have a surplus of cell phones and cameras at the end of the year. I think if people want to claim them again they should have to buy them back ;)

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I don't understand why having a rollback on Maverick would be exciting at all. I can understand why it would be on Top Thrill Dragster but, on Maverick, I think I would just be frustrated that my ride was interrupted.

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