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I would like to take this time to congratulate the Maverick Crew, primarily those spieling. The crew is the most entertaining crew to listen to. Between the random Jurassic Park theme being hummed as you leave the station, to the laser gun sound effects and the many different names that they give to Maverick, they make waiting in line in the station incredibly enjoyable and entertaining. I have ridden it twice this year and each time with different employees spieling. On top of being entertaining you seemed to be waiting to dispatch the trains most of the time which is always a good thing. Keep up the great work!

The crew is excellent at their dispatching!

Last time I was there, I was in the front row during a switch and the guy who just got off spiel and the one who just got on were talking to each other about how spieling is their least favorite part of their job! :)

As a member of that crew I can say we really appreciate knowing that so many guests loved our speils (no matter how random they were). Speiling is all about engaging our riders and bringing some energy to the platform so that both guests and our crew members on platform were having a fun time. Our crew loved to joke with each other over the mic and just have fun. The guests made the job so much better than I ever imagined it going by getting into the speils and telling me that I was doing a good job.

Also we took a lot of pride in our efficiency and everyday tried to make the line go as quick as we could and set new goals for the hourly number of riders/dispatched we had.

Thank you so much for this post, I know our crew members will love to read it. :)

Ride Operator on the 2015 Maverick crew. This is my second year at CP.

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MaverickIsKing is right. Working that ride can sometimes be boring, but engaging with the guests and them responding back is the best part about working at Cedar Point. I loved my crew this season and am glad I got to spend so much time with them.

~Your Friendly Neighbor Ride Host,

Jake, from State Farm.

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MaverickIsKing said:
As a member of that crew I can say we really appreciate knowing that so many guests loved our speils (no matter how random they were).

I have to say you guys had the best speils in the park, put a smile on my face every time I rode. Great job all summer!

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@Gatekeeper2013 I actually know who you're referring to about the Jurassic theme song and laser gun sound effects. He's originally from my crew but always loved going over to Maverick! Anytime he does spiels, us as a crew and the guests would be cracking up! I think when anyone does spiels you have to be fun with it! Makes for a better ride experience!

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