Math and Science Week?

So I'm going to be in town from CA for one day opening week, and I notice that it's 'Math and Science Week'. Around here 'Physics Day' is the worst time to visit a theme park, how bad does it get at CP during this week? I'm going to visit on Wednesday evening and Thursday.


From what I've heard it's really not bad that week since the kids are busy doing projects and stuff and then they leave around 5 or 6. Plus going in the middle of the week it still shouldn't be too bad. It might be a little worse on Friday (that's when we're going, and going Saturday). But as for the other week days they've said it's not super busy. I hope that was helpful but I also hope someone that's gone that week before can be more helpful. :)


Since I have high schoolers, I've gone during Math and Science week the past few years. As stated above, after 5 or 6, the place clears out, and the day is not that busy. Sure, the park's only open until 8, but it's like 3 hours of ERT, only with fewer people. By 7, the handicap gate was opened on the platform of Millennium Force. I think we counted 15 laps just that evening.

It's always very crowded this week and is only somewhat decent in the evening. Next week is the time to go.

Has anybody been to the park this week yet? How have the crowds been? Gate Keeper sill running reliably? I've made it to Detroit and am heading to the park tomorrow night and Thursday.


Lots of things have been down this week due to tons of ****ty weather, mainly wind.

Today (thursday) the park was MOBBED with high school kids -- bus loads of them -- but by 3:00 the waits even for Gatekeeper were no more than 30 minutes. Because the math and physics kids have "assignments" they need to do, there isn't a lot of reriding -- they work their way around the park and the lines were not horrible. The busses started leaving between 5-6 pm, and from 6 - 8 tonight was very light -- and Hotel breakers is basically deserted tonight.....

I was going to do early entry tomorrow with my season pass, but I got all the rides in on everything I wanted between 1:00 and 8:00 today, and am heading home to see Start Trek tomorrow morning instead....

Fun Day. Everything was up and running except for MaxAir as far as I could tell today.I can't guarantee Mean Streak was up because I didn't go back there and I never ride it.

I consider this a really sound approach. Its a best way in terms of education because science student can learn about the art and science behind many rides and coasters. I love this idea to provide education to science students.

Yeah, it really is a great idea and works well if the kids have good instructors. It's just annoying for the rest of the parkgoers that have to deal with them on those days, but that's why it's good to be aware of when M&S Week is and avoid going there at all costs that week.

I was there on Thursday and the wait for Maverick at 6pm was 1 hr. Millennium Force was over an hr in the middle of the day. Waited 5 minutes for Gatekeeper, Raptor, Wicked Twister. Walk on for Blue Streak, Mean Streak, Magnum. Next year I may wait and go the week after science week.

It is probably recommended. This week should be the best time to go all year.

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