Maples Motel

Is the Maples Motel still open on Cleveland Rd? We haven’t been to CP in years and are trying to possibly throw together a trip within the next couple weeks. We had stayed at the Maples before and I wanted to check it out for a close, cheap stay. The number i dialed is disconnected. Is it still there? Has it changed names maybe? Thanks for your help!

Paisley -

I've driven by twice this week and both times there were cars in the lot and the vacancy sign was lit up.

operative_me -

I tried to stop there Tuesday after the park closed and no one answered the bell. There were cars in the lot though.

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Went by there on Tuesday. Building is still there but it looks deserted. Could be wrong but I think it is closed.

jimmyburke -

Just drove past Maples, it certainly appears closed. The home next to it looks like part of the property, maybe the owner. They had an awesome looking Studebaker in the driveway, looked mint from the road at 55 mph.

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