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I looked on the news and it said that it was supposed to rain on Sunday. Would they cancel the last festivities (including riding Mantis- buttons and last rider items), move it to another day, or just continue with it?

Nobody knows what they will decide to do. Nobody knows what the weather will be like. Weather forecasts are worth as much as the paper they're printed on. What's that? You read it online? Yeah, that was kinda the point.

Let's wait until we get closer to Sunday to see how the weather plays out. Unless there is anything too severe, though, it won't hamper operations. The park is very good at working around weather. ~99% chance says that Mantis' Last Stand will commence as planned.

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Yep. Weather "forecasts" this far out are guesses. Check the weather on Saturday afternoon or evening for a better idea of what Sunday's weather will be -- and still take that with a grain or two of salt.

I'm sure the park has contingency plans in place should worst come to worst, weather-wise.

Thankx for this every one....

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Anyone else wondering why they decided to close it before the closing day? I mean all they have left is just to add the new trains and maybe some minor renovations to the station.

Minor renovations to the station... lol. Think more like ripping out the floor if not the entire structure and rebuilding. Likely overhauling the electrical controls system to incorporate new trains, likely new brakes as well (looks like magnetic brakes for the final brake run at least). Who knows about trims. And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Overall, it is nothing to the extent of building a new ride. I'm sure they had their reasons but they remain to be seen.

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Tony posted a picture on twitter today that showed new paint going on the station roof. So I'm guessing there won't be an extensive rebuild.

I don't blame them for starting early. Last winter went on forever and I'm sure they would rather be ahead than behind.

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They won't have to rip out the floor or do extensive station renovations. The movable platforms most likely just bolt on to the underside of the existing floor, if Dominator at GL is an example of how it will be.

There is also no need to change the brakes, if they do add magnetic brakes that is not a drastic modification, though there is no need to add magnetic brakes. The electrical controls and wiring for the movable platform sections also shouldn't be a major project.

Probably the themeing and other surprises they are adding is more involved than the station modifications.

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Remember that the station section of track typically comes from the fab plant already assembled, and that section is vastly different for a floorless train compared to what's in there now. There is precedent for a retrofit, I think it was on Shiekra, but that was a massively different station that was largely open space underneath, maybe 30 feet off the ground.

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was there from 10:15 to 3:15. did an early entry ride on Maverick and Mantis,got a pin and magnet. did some 'trading' with another pointbuzz member. I traded one of my three mantis sew-on patches for a blue streak patch and one of my five raptor sew-on patches for a mantis button. about 3:00 there was a TRIPLE rollback on TTD.

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Got my last Mantis ride at about 7:30. It was about a 30-40 minute wait, but part of that was due to them transferring a train off the track.
It was a great day at the Point, weather was awesome. Kind of upset that now that I figured out how to ride Mantis without becoming sterile they are removing it. ;) But I did try to envision how the ride will be in a seated position. I definitely think it is for the better, it does have a cool layout, so I'll be looking forward to next year.

And I must have just missed the triple roll back on TTD!

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Jeff said:
There is precedent for a retrofit, I think it was on Shiekra, but that was a massively different station that was largely open space underneath, maybe 30 feet off the ground.

Yes, it was Shiekra. Though the rumor was that B&M designed the ride with the ultimate intention of converting it to floorless at some point.

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It is a stretch to call Shiekra's retrofit a precedent. The floor mechanisms between a B&M floorless and a B&M dive machine have almost nothing in common, except for the end result.

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They aren't all that different. The dive machines are a little more simple in that they just pull the floor down at an angle, remaining parallel to the ground, while the traditional floorless rides pull down then pivot. I assume the divers need only one piston per section and side instead of two.

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