One last question. I wanted to know do employees get a mail box or something to receive mail ? I was trying to have my mail forwarded from my house to cedar point housing .

We do not get mailboxes, I believe mail is delivered to and picked up from the ARC (Associate Rec Center)

Mail is sent and delivered to a little post office in the housing office in the middle of commons.

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I think you’re just a tad late on that response.

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i forgot that i was looking at the older posts and realized it once i done posted.

I know it’s an old post but one thing to point out as a friendly reminder for new employees; make sure you have your Cedar Point ID with you when picking up your mail.

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Oh ok good thing i brought this post back i didnt know that

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I just remember when the post office was in the Cedars. The elderly couple that ran it seemed to know EVERYONE! There were multiple times when I’d just be walking by and our postmistress would shout out to me to let me know I had mail. Great folks!!!

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I liked them too. And she was faced with the sad task of shaking her head and saying in a low tone “None today...”

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