Magnum Down 7/31 - 8/2

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Arrived on Monday and Magnum had an empty train parked on the lift. Yesterday and today there has been a sign at the entrance saying it would not open.

At some point they moved the train on the lift to the safety brake. Not sure what the extended downtime cause is.

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Not sure what the failure was, but they did have to do a walk-down of all the riders on the train.

Saw somewhere else it was the lift motor. Hopefully it will not be too long. I hate the thought of visiting CP with no Magnum. :(


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I wondered if it might be lift motor when they moved the train but it didn't re-open. They might have used a temp motor just to move the train around.

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I cannot even imagine having to walk down the Magnum hill... That's almost enough to make me never want to ride it The heights don't bother me strapped in, but I don't like the idea of having to climb down.

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Thank god they spoke to "Josh Lett", who apparently left his house for the first time today.

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Breaking News: Car breaks down on side of highway, evacuated from road by tow truck

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That was some news report! Too bad Beachcliff studio's wasn't there to to corner OnpointTony with more probing questions.

Gotta love the news reports saying it stopped 'mid-ride' as if the train itself has disc brakes that would make it stop halfway down the third hill

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Story Time.

During Magnums 1989 opening year, a loaded train stalled in the pretzel turn because of a gust of wind. The train heading up the lift of course block stopped and they had to do the walk down.

Now this is a pretty unnoteworthy story should which should have ended there, but someone that day brought their JVC VHS Camcorder and recorded the walk down. It soon hit every news station as the top news story. With Magnum being new and record breaking it became the talk of the town. Robin Innes (sp?) had to do TV news interview telling everyone what happened, and that the safety block system worked as intended and nobody was ever in any danger.

Now anytime something mundane happens like this it get recorded since everyone has a camera, and still blown out of proportion. You would think that this is probably the 50th time a walk down on Magnum has been recorded by now, but it somehow still news every time.

I don't envy Tony and Co. having to explain all these trivial occurrences many times a year.

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Why is this even a news story, at one point today it was the lead story on Fox 8...

That there Clark is an RV.....

2024, TT2 - Everyone gets a rollback

2025, Magnum xl201 - Everyone gets a walkdown

Saw headlines about it on USA Today and other national news outlets. Definitely a slow news day.

Currently the main story on the front page of NPR 😂

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Joe E:

During Magnums 1989 opening year, a loaded train stalled in the pretzel turn because of a gust of wind. The train heading up the lift of course block stopped and they had to do the walk down.

That incident is mentioned at the 7:20 mark from this 1989 video, along with other Magnum news stories.

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Okay, what the hell? This is the last paragraph of that ridiculous NPR article:

Somebody get the fainting couch ready for when that author is told this happens all. the. time.

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News outlets love to drop random crap like that in.

So not so long ago there was a death over in Europe (Jetline in Grona Lund in Sweden). I read a lot of articles, and of course right now I can't find the one I am looking for, but there was one that described the incident, and then at the very end of the article it had a brief conclusion that said (paraphrasing); At Cedar Point, another major amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio (USA), a woman was critically injured when a piece of metal flew off the Top Thrill Dragster Rollercoaster".

And that was it. No tie-in, no reason for it being there, just more "terror"!

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So dramatic.....

That there Clark is an RV.....

I'm pretty sure it's Intamin's fault.

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