Longaberger, AAA and of course, Millennium Force

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Where oh where to begin...

I think Dan put it best; It was good to be home. So far this year I've been to Kennywood, PKI and SFO, and even though this was not the official opening weekend, it was the only park that was fully operational. There were no unpainted or unlandscaped areas, unfinished rides, etc. The park looked like it did on closing day, sans the Halloweekends stuff and the addition of MF.

Let me cut to the chase... Millennium Force is everything I hoped for and more. The view from the front seat is insane. It feels like you'll tumble off the front of the car. The pull-out is intense, as is the turn in to the first tunnel.

If I had to describe the ride in short form, I would say that it is the most sustained speed and intensity on any ride, period. I know people will want to compare it to things, but just as you can't fairly compare a CCI woodie with Magnum, you can't compare MF with anything. If I had one coaster ride I could take before dying, this would be it.

I talked briefly with Monty Jasper, thanking him for the outstanding work. It is really a thing to behold. It's so insanely smooth. Magnum actually felt rough after riding this thing.

The energy people had on the platform was unlike anything I had ever seen, even after three hours (more on that later). It's also the first time I've ever seen 36 people on a train with their hands up... every one. The crazy thing is that it looked that way on most trains. This is something more than a crowd pleaser. I would compare it to a religious experience.

On to the technical... They opened with only one train on Saturday, and it made for a two-hour wait for the basket folk. They finally added the second train by midday. The problem was apparently the anti-rollback device, which would not disengage. When it would drag, it was loud enough to hear anywhere in the park. They did not run three trains because they couldn't move them out in testing fast enough. I bet they'll get the interval right by next weekend.

For the record, there are no wheel problems. The one odd thing is that, like Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags Darien Lake, the wheels on the middle trains are some sort of one-piece almost plastic looking wheels. Not sure what the benefit of this is.

The lift is about 20 seconds, and from the drop to the brake run is only a little over a minute. It flies!

The camera for on-ride photos is in the second tunnel. There are more details, and I'm sure I'll bring them up over the course of the next few weeks.

Also, Giant Wheel is home. The ride looks spectacular there. Also, there are several strips of concrete formed to look like wood. Coincidence? I don't think so. The other new news in relation to the waterfront development I've been talking about for ages is that I've now learned that the old catering building will probably go away (the convention center).

I'm fried after two O-C days at the park, so I'm going to leave it at this for now.

The future IS riding it!

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I thought Nathan's TR was cool, but you made it sound SO AWESOME!!!
Man I can't wait to go next weekend. Thanks for the great report Jeff;) Hey Gooober, do you want front or back car?
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Thanks for the report, Jeff. I can't deal with opening weekend crowds so I'll have to wait a couple extra days. Oh, well. At least it sounds like MF will be worth the drive from Pittsburgh.

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I had a great time at the park, the lines where avarage, but everyone there just seemed in a better mood. The cheering for the MF in the station was crazy and the weather was a tad hot, but a nice breeze. The MF was great... still for overall enjoyment, I'm going to have to go with the Raptor and Magnum over it. I mean its a great ride, but after the first drop, the rest is just a regular coaster to me.... the 122 degree turns were not as impressive at I thought they were going to be, and overall the ride is super quick.... which is a good and bad thing, good becuase its fast, nuff said, bad becuase you can't experience a lot of the elements like you can on **GULP** slower rides ;) The air time on the "Magnum Hill" is very very nice. Overall though, a EXCELLENT coaster added to Cedar Point's rockin' roller coasters!
I think the folks there were more motivated to be there than a more general crowd. Though I think the cheers for this ride will last the entire year. I personally like Jeffs description of the ride more than my own. The rides a winner, pure and simple. The ride, the improvements to the park in its general area, etc. They all seem to have contributed to an upbeat feeling.

It is probably the first coaster I've ever been on that people cheer in the station, up the lift, through the ride, at the brake run, and back in the station again. It exceeds my expectations.
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I haven't seen GP this excited over a ride in a long time. I've been to several ACE and park events and usually the platform can get pretty excited. Nothing I've been to compares to the excitment on the MF platform yesterday.

I rode twice yesterday, first train out and one of the last. The early ride felt a little slow but still fast. By the end of the day, the trains warmed up nicely and really hauled through the course. MF is probably the best steel coaster experience I've ever had. (Wood being first ST, of course) This week is going to be painful. :)

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I don't know what more I can add to that Jeff other than its sooooooo smoooooooth!!! For a coaster of this magnitude it was smooth as silk it all areas!! The speed is incredible as well..I'll post some pics later of this weekend so stay tuned!!

The 1st hill was incredible too!! The view was amazing!! The bay looks so majestic at that height and the drop is one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had (next to my daughters birth)

All in all its one coaster that is worth waiting for..I rode it 3 times yesterday and both waits were worth it (1st ride I didn't wait!!)

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Hey Jeff, does it even compare to Superman at Six Flags Darien Lake?
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Similar sensations from a train standpoint, and the air over the hills in the front seat, but that's about it. Insane height. Just crazy.

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