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I want there to be a live cam at millennium island to see if terror island will be back

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It's 11:56 pm and dragster is still running.

I sent an email to CP asking about the webcams and received a reply back from Tony basically saying they have been discontinued. Sounds to me like they are gone for good!!

I apologize if anyone mentioned this already. I didn't see any post regarding contact with CP.


Where are the live web cams?

Power Tower.

If you wanted a link to them, here it is.

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Is that Perry's Monument that they have been looking at all day? I don't know what else it would be. If it is their camera has a great zoom.

^ If it hasn't moved in 8 hours, you're looking at Put-in-Bay.

It's one day... Hardly a waste to show off the surrounding area. The beautiful setting on the lake with the world class beaches is a huge part of what makes the park special.

^Or a hint at the 3rd live cam?

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It's never a waste to look at Put-In-Bay, great place!

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t canyon 87 said:
what a waste of...

That's pretty much this whole thread.

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Funny, you look at the cams now looking down at the Dragster launch area and if you pay attention in the lower left hand corner you will sometimes see peoples feet kicking back and forth who are riding power tower. Kind of cool...

Also fun to watch TTD get roll backs!!

The lot cam was helpful. However-I've visited several times, and have noticed the 'full' parking lot,(from Gatekeeper lift hill) and most all rides were walk-on/ minimal wait time. I'm not sure where everybody was, but I didn't care. It's hit or miss. Go have some fun!

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What are the live cams pointing at?

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What are they showing trees for?

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Trees? This must not be Cedar Point...

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