Live Construction Cam?

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The last Cedar Point coaster that I was able to follow construction progress on was Top Thrill Dragster. And back then, they had a web cam that tracked the entire construction. I thought that "Camera 1" on their website was gonna be dedicated to focusing on Valravn's construction... but I've noticed that it changes direction of view every 3 days or so. Do they not do an actual live construction cam anymore? Or are they waiting until things start to go vertical?

All of the live cams (since they were put in) have regularly rotated between different views.

They have not announced a dedicated construction cam as of yet.

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One of the live cams was pointed at Breakers all winter during construction, I'm assuming they will also do that with Valravn.

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Indeed it was, as it was also used for a time lapse of the renovations (from the exterior, at least). It would surprise me if they did not do one again for Valravn.

I would just like to point this those who didn't want to believe that a new coaster would go in this spot because they planted grass after Turnpike Cars, Dodgems, and Good Time Theatre was removed, your precious blades of grass are currently getting torn up by construction equipment ;)

On a serious note, IIRC, didn't they follow the whole Gatekeeper construction. Starting with the demolition of Disaster Transport. Quite frankly I'm surprised a construction cam isn't dedicated to this area. Maybe they'll focus on it more during the weekdays now that Halloweekends started.

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^They did have one for GK

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I would guess that cam 1 will be aimed at the construction site, and cam 2 will be aimed at the Blue Streak midway since there will probably be renovations over there.

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Once there isn't activity in the rest of the park maybe they'll stay focussed on the area. It doesn't make too much sense to point a camera at a bit of digging and concrete pouring if there is still an open park to view.

I don't really get why all 3 cams are focused on different areas of the park while they are closed. Why not show us the construction?

I totally agree they should have the Cameras turned to see the Valravn being built Day by Day and Week by Week.

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Maybe if someone asks Tony politely on twitter to move the cam he will

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Or perhaps the image of a mud pit isn't what they want splashed across the screen on their website inviting people to come to their beautiful park.

I can see a seperate webcam under the valravyn section, but not on the main website until after the season is over.

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It was fun watching the Breakers construction last year. I hope they keep camera 1 where it is now so I can watch the construction this off season. It helps me get through the boring winter when I cant ride anything.

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Wish they would zoom in a little bit to give a little closer look. Maybe wide shot with one camera and zoom in with another would be awesome.

Someone has been zooming in and out. You just have to catch it when it happens.

Coming soon: Twitch plays Cedar Point construction cam.

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Question, looking at Cam 3 currently what's all brightly lit on the Peninsula towards the back? Planet Snoopy/Millennium Island area? Too blurry/dark to make out full details.

Also just noticed on cam 1, Blue Streak from the turnaround to the end seems to be flickering quite a bit.

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Not sure, but Dragster sure does look creepy.

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The beginnings of the large crane appear to have just arrived, 2 Large drive tracks on semi trailers.

It will be neat to watch them put that together.

Looks like they are laying out a gas line.

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