LGBT+ Employees?

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 3:41 AM

Hello there!

So, to keep it simple, I've recently been hired and will be taking advantage of employee housing. However, I am transgender (please refrain from any negative comments about my identity, I went to public high school in a heavily Christian town, so I assure you I've heard it before). I was assigned female at birth, but have since had top surgery (double mastectomy). I have not had bottom surgery, so I still have female reproductive organs. I don't necessarily identify as male, but I definitely don't identify as female. I was wondering if any other queer employees have encountered this issue, and what the solution was? I know they separate rooms based on gender, so where would I go? Would I be forced to go in an all-female room because of my assigned gender at birth? Are there a few rooms dedicated to gender non-comforming employees? I don't want to make others uncomfortable, and also don't want to be uncomfortable myself or put in a potentially dangerous situation. My identification all has "female" listed as my sex, if that matters any. I consider myself to be agender, but I do lean more towards male than female. Thanks all!


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