LGBT+ Employees?

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So, to keep it simple, I've recently been hired and will be taking advantage of employee housing. However, I am transgender (please refrain from any negative comments about my identity, I went to public high school in a heavily Christian town, so I assure you I've heard it before). I was assigned female at birth, but have since had top surgery (double mastectomy). I have not had bottom surgery, so I still have female reproductive organs. I don't necessarily identify as male, but I definitely don't identify as female. I was wondering if any other queer employees have encountered this issue, and what the solution was? I know they separate rooms based on gender, so where would I go? Would I be forced to go in an all-female room because of my assigned gender at birth? Are there a few rooms dedicated to gender non-comforming employees? I don't want to make others uncomfortable, and also don't want to be uncomfortable myself or put in a potentially dangerous situation. My identification all has "female" listed as my sex, if that matters any. I consider myself to be agender, but I do lean more towards male than female. Thanks all!

We had someone who was FtM a couple years back in Live E and they had him room with women. Now I'm unsure if it was because he was more comfortable with women and he requested it or if they made him. You could always email housing and ask.

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