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Quick question for you all. I'm taking my kids, ages 5 and 3, to the park for the first time Thursday, May 15. This is the first time I've had to think about kids rides for my visit. In the past when I've gone on a weekday Opening Week the park is pretty empty. Is this still the case? Also, I know in the past they wouldn't have all the kids rides open on lower attendance days. Is this still true? Will there be a decent amount of kids rides open? Thanks for the help!

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If it's science week there will be a lot of high school physics classes there, but that shouldn't spoil what you're trying to do. (and even with that the first week is seldom busy)

What I've observed from low attendance days is the kid areas of the park will open a few rides at a time then different ones later. The ops rotate thru the day. So if you hang with it or come back later, the kids should be able to get everything in.

First timers! Since you're obviously a fan of the park the day should make a lot of memories for you. Have fun.

Thanks so much!

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We normally go on Friday and Saturday that first week and my five year old hasn't had a problem finding something open to ride. The ride ops rotate around when not all the rides are open. Ask and if there is no one in line they may be able to go run the one you want to ride. With 3 kiddie areas there is plenty to keep them riding. I like that Planet Snoopy opens for the early ride time (we stay at the Breakers) so at least my son has something to ride too.
My son's fav thing to do last year was the Snoopy Bounce house- with no crowd he could go in and out, we had to stop him to take a break! He also loved the bumper cars and when he was able to stay on and ride again since there wasn't a line.

I don't know if they are always there, but last year at park opening we met the characters in front of the Snoopy Boutique and the character assistants took pics of us with our cameras. We have so few pics of our entire family at the park, so it was a nice momento. They also have the characters at certain times in Camp Snoopy at the theater area.
PS- Don't forget to get their heights checked and your parent swap pass in case someone in your group wants to ride a ride without waiting since they were with the kids.

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