Justin Moore at CP

Just saw 2 tour busses for Justin Moore at Breakers. Anyone know if he's doing an impromptu concert, or just enjoying the park between gigs?

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I was going to say that! Who? Of course being an old(er) fart I'm probably not in his demographic

Just looked him up, apparently he's a county singer. I stand by my original question, who?

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Never heard of Justin Moore as the "Moore's" from my age bracket are Dudley, Roger, and Mary Tyler.

A quick Google search not only tells us who Justin Moore is, but his tour dates. On Sep 2 he’s due in Lafayette, In, then on Sep 3 he’s got a gig in Loves Park, Illinois. Then it looks like he’s off until September 15 when he’ll appear in Billings, Montana.
Looking forward to later in the month he’ll play the famous Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, Pa. Fans may want to attend the concert and make a side trip to nearby Knoebels.
So I deduce he’s on the road to Lafayette and took a day to treat his crew to a VIP experience at Cedar Point.

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Who is Justin Moore? Is he touring somewhere?

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Well since he has tour busses, it’s a safe assumption

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Wow, he's playing all of the big venues!

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Am I the only one who listens to Country? He is a crooner/ballad type. "Til My Last Day", "Small Town USA", "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away", etc. Not music to run to but I like him.

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Unfortunately you're not the only one, but I won't hold it against you.

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