June 13th - Daddy's Day

I went into the year with a goal of getting 50 coaster rides in one day. I picked Sunday as my day and left my 5 year old son at home with mom. I explained to him that it was a "grown-up" day. While he was sad that he could not go he felt a little better when I said I would ride the Troika for him.

The day started out great - I outran a 12 year old to be the first on Millie (not bad for a 36 year old man!). The front seat was awesome. Maybe it was just me but the train was flying. 5 more rides and it was off to Maggie. Did my Magnum 12 pack. I forgot what she is like without trims. Glad I remembered to cinch my seatbelt up. Got 4 rides on Meanstreak. That ride is horrible for cycle times. It was taking me 9 minutes per ride and that was with no line. They need to put moving sidewalks in on that queu!

Other highlights include being the only person on the Mine Ride to scream when the operator asked how the ride was, nearly busting my bladder on the Blue Streak, getitng "pinned" as a guest star at the Red Garter, and learning that riding Mantis for the 48th and 49th rides of the day is not smart. Tired legs make that ride difficult.

Hit Troika for my 50th ride of the day (only non-coaster ride) and then 2 walk-ons on the Raptor to give me a total of 52 rides, 51 coasters. I did it. My only regret is not having any energy to walk back to Dragster and its 10 minute line.

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