July 11

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Went to Cedar Point Shores in the am... wasn't too crowded and plenty of parking left. Only complaint was Storm Surge going down quite a bit, and the bathrooms really are disgusting.

Headed to Cedar Point around 4 and the park was empty! Got on a ton of flat rides with my 5 year old nephew, and waited 2 min for Gatekeeper, 11 min for Maverick. All coasters I saw were practically walk on. Weather has been so iffy this week, probably a good time to go.

My dad was frustrated bc several of the french fry stands were closed, so he found a pizza stand (by gatekeeper) that said a slice would take 30 min. Finally found a fry stand and they said they couldn't serve him because they didn't have change. I've never experienced this frustration with food service but seems like a very "off" day all around.

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The park was dead empty last night, July 13th, rode Maverick three times in a row front and back without having to leave the station.

Everything was a walk on. Weird for a Thursday in July.

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The forecast was saying rain most of the day, that will do it.

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