Jeffrey Spartans Weekend!!

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First and Foremost, It was great meeting so many CP placers old and new this opening weekend!! I got to hang out with Jeff P, Dan, Brandon, Hooper, Servo, Scooter, Goober,Backstreet Girl, and saw many others lurking throughout the park such as the Shivering timbers (scott), and Rideman himself Dave A!! I got to share rides with Jeff, Dan, Brandon..etc and that was great as well!! Anyways back to the report!!

Arrived at CP bright and early as i had to be there at 8am to check in for the Red Cross VIP auction...After we checked in and exchanged funds, my wife, and baby girl and i proceeded back to the Red Garter Saloon for a continental breakfast and mingling with CP big wigs and fellow bidders..That was a blast!! Just to tell you that many of the top bids such as the $2000.00, and $1500.00 bids we sponsored monies that big corporate big wigs funded!! Oh well..I got my desired seat anyways on coaster 2!! I took Car 5 seat 1 after hearing from Dan and Intamin themselves about the G force experienced here and boy were they right..I came off with a splitting headache and NO to mention a big smile!! back to the red garter..they called off in order the bidders where we picked out seat from the remaining spots and then lined up outside in the order we would board the trains..It worked well and it was nice blowing by all the other general public in line and going right to the platform..haha!! AFter this VIP expereince I proceeded to the breakers where I checked in and got some food at Fridays to fuel my rest of the day at the park...Then it was a usual day at CP but with a large crowd..I got a nice snapshot of the line for MF strecthing back to the skyride cable car station!! I couldn't belive that!! My wife and I met up with Jeff P, Dan, etc for rides on Magnum and later with Dan, Brandon, hooper etc for a night ride on MF..That right there was a blast..BTW..Thanks dan for the socks(see Dans Socks thread in this folder)..Bedtime after!! lol

Woke up and headed right for MF upon gate opening and got 2 quick rides on it before the herd started stretching the lines to 4 plus hrs...after that went and took a small nap and finished my sleeping...haha...Went over and done ripcord with family and had a blast there..What an experience that was in itself..It took me like 3 reschedules to finally get it in because of the wind shuttingit down numerous times!! Well after finally doing it, well it was well worth it. The proceeded for a late meeting with some more CP placers and ended up just meeting Jeff P there..Sttod in line for Magnum only to have it break down as we reached the front of the line!! Apparently there was some problem with the breaks releasing air...Well more of this and more of that and ended the night with another MF ride and Magnum ride last.....

Another day of fun but short met up with Servo and her boyfreind in the morning as well as hooper and hit magnum together before i had to check out of breakers...Well after we checked out I managed to convince my wife and family to let me go back in for a few hrs and ended up hitting MF a couple more times before we headed home from a long weekend of Fun at CP..

If anyone is interested in seeing pics from the auction or anything else mf related just click on the mf link below by my name...

All in all I hit MF like 8 times this past weekend and that with preview weekends total bringing it to 11...Will prob be back friday night again along with the weekend..

As most have said..MF was all I thought it would be and more the last couple weekends and we all know about the yellow trains problems, dispatch problems, and wheel problems, but hey It didn't spoil my weekend or vision of MF at all..I mean we have the worlds greatest coaster right now and theres gonna be some drawbacks with something like this for a bit until they get there groove..Its never been done before so lets all be patient..CP WILL get it right..They always do!!

new MF photos

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