Is the Chausee' entrance closed?

Since we live in Vermilion, we've always used the Chausee' entrance, but I've noticed that there are signs there now that say "No Cedar Point Traffic" that entrance actually closed, or are they just trying to discourage people from using it? I'm hoping it's the latter-it was always so much less of a hassle. We didn't get to go at all last year, and that's the first year I noticed the signs (there were large electronic signs during the season, too).

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It's just a deterrent.

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I believe it’s a Sandusky resident psychological disorder to believe that everyday traffic laws and easements don’t apply to their particular choice of dwelling. There are crazy people on Pipe street as well that literally run out screaming at large RVs that we are not supposed to use that road because of a posted no semi traffic sign.

I get it that the park traffic is an annoyance, I live in Green Bay and I specifically did not buy my house near the NFL stadium as my grandparents lived across the street from it for years. If you don’t like it, move.

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Ensign Smith -

I think the owners of those houses have a legitimate grievance—that is, if there are any still living from when the access road to the park was built one hundred and five years ago.

djDaemon -


I also don't think it makes anyone crazy for not wanting inconsiderate interlopers driving commercial-sized vehicles through a residential area in order to save a few minutes.

Thabto -

On a light traffic day, I still think it's faster just to go in the main entrance. The chausee just seems to take too long. Slower speed limits, sharp curves and road isn't in the best condition. It seems like it takes forever to go down that way. Even on heavier traffic days, it's still better to go to the main entrance, more of a bottleneck on the chausee side with only one tollbooth.

JohnMosesBrowning -

I go in on the chausee just because I enjoy the ride!

Shane Denmark -

The Chausee makes for a neat drive once in a great while. We might go that way one time a year, usually when leaving the park. I’m always amazed how many homes are for sale on that road. We rarely take that route coming in since one of my favorite things is the skyline view from the Causeway.

XS NightClub -

If by commercial sized you mean like a school bus which RVs are, then it’s perfectly normal to drive them on residential roads.
Semis are generally restricted due to their weight class from residential roads.
Semis and school busses both require commercial drivers licenses that RVs do not.
They should redirect their anger at Google Maps and Mapquest, without them nobody outside Sandusky would know that Pipe St. exists.
It’s not that people use it to save a few minutes, it’s literally the directions given.
Last I checked there isn’t an option to avoid residential streets that have multiple Amtrak and Freightliner tracks crossing it.

XS NightClub -

So it may not be a mental disorder to run after moving vehicles screaming at them about a sign for a law that pertains nothing to that vehicle, it certainly is idiotic.

Shane Denmark -

XS NightClub gets it... I don’t drive a huge RV or bus or semi but I do pull a camper. And let me tell you, it is extremely frustrating when GPS takes me off the interstate and through some small town residential area to save a couple minutes. I would LOVE for GPS to have an RV mode and keep me on the interstate or highway or whatever as much as possible even if the route is a bit longer.

Shades -

I know it might take a minute or two of pre-planning but a simple look at google maps before you start driving will let you figure out that maybe you don't want to follow its guidance off of the interstate.

Shane Denmark -

Shades- Yep you’re right. Which is why we don’t use the GPS anymore; we have reverted back to those huge foldout maps and a highlighter marker to plan our route.

PS- This message was sent using Morse code via a telegram machine.

Shades -

Were you in Tennessee last week? I saw people carrying around an old atlas figuring out their route. Those were the days.

Shane Denmark -

No we were sailing our schooner through Lake Ontario while using a sextan and compass to navigate by the stars.

djDaemon -

Right. Someone who visits the park multiple times per year, every year, can't get to the park without Google Maps? Talk about a mental disorder...

XS NightClub -

I love the smell of deflection early in the morning.

Lash -

I still wonder how some people find their mailbox.

Shane Denmark -

djDaemon- If that comment was directed at me, I wasn’t referring to being taken off the highway on the way to Cedar Point... I know it may be blasphemy around here but we do go to new and exciting places other than Cedar Point.

TwistedWicker77 -

I take the Chausee for many reasons. Mainly because I love viewing the houses there.

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