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Tonight while riding the train I noticed utility? markings all around the Mean Streak plaza area and by the train station platform. As in previous years folks typically say it means nothing and maybe it does, but they are widespread and are similar to those that were found by the site now occupied by Valravn. Just an interesting note.

Could be nothing but I'm really hope for a new ride followed by referb pattern.

Ideally in my mind it would go down like this:

2015-Rougarou (referb)

2016-Valravn (new)

2017- Mean Streak (referb RMC/GCI/any other company to permanently fix MS)

2018- New ride(s) Maybe a new coaster, maybe some new flats. Either would work after a MS referb

2019- Magnum 30th anniversary (referb with new restraints to make the ejector air easier on the legs. Maybe new trains all together.)

This to me seems like it would be a good way to get a lot of bang for smaller investments. I also think Rougarou may have been CP testing the waters to see if a re branding could bring a fairly unpopular ride back to the top. Since it seems to have been a success they may try it with Mean Streak next.

Did you bother to get any pictures? You don't simply see markers and not take a picture.

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There were markers by the resort entrance and under magnum right after the station. I'm pretty sure it means close to nothing this early in the season.

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That entrance is the only one left to be updated.

SV ruins all other rides.

I did "bother" to get pictures with my phone but am not sure how to post them on here.

Mean Streak is closed today too...not even testing. And yes....I see the markings

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I uploaded the one from last night. Out of curiosity what does the symbol represent? Or what kind of utility is it marking? (Again, not saying it means anything right now)

There are markings all over the resort entrance as well. Could be anything.

"2019- Magnum 30th anniversary (referb with new restraints to make the ejector air easier on the legs. Maybe new trains all together.)"


That could also make it lose its ACE Landmark designation like Blue Streak.

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The markings by the resort entrance are likely for where people can bunk tonight since the hotels will be closed.

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That could also make it lose its ACE Landmark designation like Blue Streak.

False. Modified trains make coasters lose the ACE Coaster Classic status, which is what happened to Blue Streak. Magnum never had that classification.

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Here's the photo user mgou58 took of the markers:

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Here's the photo user mgou58 took of the markers:

That's clearly a Delta, the 4th letter in the Greek alphabet. Magnum was the Alpha, Millennium was the Beta, Top Thrill Dragster was the Gamma, and so obviously #RollerCoaster2017 will be a 500ft DeltaCoaster that will go 157 mph.

Or it could mean something else. ;-)

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Just wanted to point out an observation I had while in Gemini's line. But I did notice a train on the ride that was stopped on the straightway towards Magnum and Gemini with 2 maintenance workers walking on the track next to it and then they released the train and let it go through the rest of the track.

So i am assuming something mechanical was wrong hence why it was not running. So I am assuming that they wouldnt send a train and have ride maintenance working on it if they did not plan on opening it this year. My guess is it did not get certification so they were fixing what was failed. BUT I will say a complete re-track or RMC would be just awesome.

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Even a stranger observation I had today was the placement of that new water tower(?) going up. The old one has been there at least 50 years that I know of and the taking down of the old and relocation of Wardrobe would free up some great space there. Anyone know why, now all of a sudden, a new tower is going up in front of the Breakers? A building of a new tower isn't something I see as a necessity I guess, so this is curious.

BTW, for anyone wondering that big castle wall in back of the Brats building (Valravn themed) is a sound buffer and probably a deterrent for patrons due to the track low zone in that area. It looked as though the windows were plexiglass to view the riders through there and there are some kind of weird planters (?) all over the wall that might be utilized later in the year?

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Looks like they are marking out utilities. There were utility lines marked all over near RipCord.

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Could it be the markings by Magnum and Ripcord are for water park expansion and Mean Streak's for getting refurbed in the same offseason?

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Mean streak has spray painted orange dots on lots of the footers... Im about to ride the train to get pics

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They dug up the go kart track, the markings could be there for that reason.

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The footer markings might mean more than the utility markings. Maybe. Obviously its only speculation for now.

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