If you get hired for a ride op position, will they tell you over the phone or when you go to orientation?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 11:13 PM

Do ride ops stay at one ride or do they switch?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 11:23 PM

In general, we work one location. Some locations have 2 or three rides that you rotate through. For example, Giant Wheel triangle contains 3 rides: Giant Wheel, Tiki Twirl and Troika. The children's areas are each a location as well.

It is possible to cross train on other rides. Ask your Area Sup of there are opportunities available.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 11:48 PM

Also, if you happen to be here for Halloweekends (especially for Friday), you may be on a different ride for that night. It's because of the limited staff and the limited rides that is open on Friday nights during the weekends. .


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