How's the Bon Air section at Breakers this year?

My wife and I are planning a trip for late August and we really want to stay on site. I know the Bon Air section of Breakers is held in low regard but I'm looking at $388 for 3 nights vs. $513 for a room in the tower section. That's a pretty big difference.

So, has anyone stayed in the Bon Air section this year? What was it like? Please know that I don't care about the furniture or color coordination of the room. We'll be bringing our own pillows and blankets, so I really don't even care about the linens. I'm mainly concerned about the smell, bugs, A/C function, and bed comfort (not expecting Tempur-Pedic, but would like something better than a piece of plywood).

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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I have not stayed in the Bon Air, so no help there, but i would try asking at check in for a free upgrade to a 2 queen room in the tower/east section. We have done it before, but a lot depends on how busy the hotel is.

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Bon Aire is exactly the same as it has always been -- wood paneled rooms with yellowing ceiling tiles, but comfortable bed, clean rooms, and nothing different. Different rooms still have AC smell. Some don't. All of them echo anytime anyone walks down the hallway (well, for the most part RUNS down the hallway and then slams their room door). The beds and furniture themselves are pretty much the same no matter what section of the Breakers you stay at, including the Tower and other older Main/Twin sections. The entire resort is generally clean, there are no bugs, there is no major dirt. Bon Aire is certainly run down, but a far far cry from some of the crummy motels down the road.

You get what you pay for. -- One option you can look at for cheaper rooms but that are a) nicer overall with a better view, and b) definitely quieter is to ask about rooms in the old Main Section or the old Twin section -- the problem is, those rooms are also smaller. With only two of you, you will be infinitely happier in one of those lesser-priced rooms than in the Bon Aire section. They are comfortable, and feel like an old resort hotel.
If you see a room that says "located in either the Main or Twin section or Bon Aire section of the hotel" ALWAYS ask for the assignment to be made in the Main or Twin section, not Bon Aire.

That being said -- if you reserve earlier in the year, you will find that the nicer rooms in the east section and in the Tower section cost the same thing as the cheaper rooms in the older sections by booking in May....come a few weeks before your trip, all of the hotel rooms are hiked up and the cheaper rooms have long ago been booked. Like airplanes, the prices go up as the demand goes up.

We stayed in the Bon Aire section earlier this year - First floor near the beach. I had no issue with the room at all. AC didn't smell, flat screen tv (not that we used it), clean. I'd stay there again. Of course we didn't spend much time there either. We also stayed in the tower this year, it was a nicer room but considering the amount of waking time spend there, not worth the price compared to Bon Aire. I guess we are less demanding.

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RonAnnArbor that's a perfect explanation of how to 'work' this hotel. If you don't know all this information, you can lose money needlessly on not so nice rooms. I do all the things you stated here. If a room is over $250, I don't book it. I just discovered the older twin section last weekend. It's sort of charming. The ceilings were higher than the Bon Air with more windows. The only room I don't care for is the older main section where there is dark wood paneling on the walls. Lol! That just creeps me out.

Thanks everyone, your comments are very helpful.

According to their website, the rooms in the Bon Air section are cheaper than those in the Main section.

We stayed at the Bon Air section July 4th and it was nice, at least the room was. We had a spectacular view of Lake Erie and the beach. The rest of the building needs some updating, but it is pretty old. Looked like our room was recently updated with new flat screen TV, furnishings, paint, bathroom etc. There is no coffee maker but you can get free coffee from a machine near the exit nearest to the park. We stayed at the Breakers Express the night before and Bon Air was just as nice if not a little nicer, the room anyway. Neither place was the nicest accommodations that I have been in, but were comparable to Comfort Inn or something similar but no free breakfast. It costs more on point, but so nice to be close to the park, beach, etc. We usually do Camper Village for 4-5 nights over the 4th each year, but shortened our trip this year.

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