How likely are you to get request off dates granted as an employee?

I am considering working for Cedar Point this summer, but I am concerned about my ability to get time off when desired. I will be applying for a ride operator position, and I know in general a ton of hours are required which I don't have a problem with, but I am curious if I'll be able to get a few days off here and there to go see friends who live far away or go home, etc.

If you apply and there’s a spot on the application, make a note of it on the application. If not, fill out a form when you process in as soon as you get there. Managers are usually pretty lenient for the most part, but you’re better to request sooner rather than later.

Jake Padden
13-Tiques/Wave Swinger
12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
11-CP & LE Railroad Platform; Cedar Creek Mine Ride; Tiques/Wave Swinger

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