How about that... Magnum WAS orage

Check out all the dates.

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Anybody else read the paragraph from May 1989? I just thought it was kinda funny.

"I can't imagine any coaster can get much taller than this."

Wow great stuff, i have never seen those pictures before.


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Those are some great pictures! :)
Magnum still is orange...
The coolest thing I love about these pictures is... How SHINEY the track is. Brings back allot of memories of Magnum back when it was new even the camper village lots.. good times good times.

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Yeah Magnum is orange now.

Its just a faded orange.

Those are great pictures! In the April pictures, the pretzel turn looks really heavily banked. I know that region of Magnum was reprofiled after the first season or two, did that include the pretzel turn?

Another thing: Look at how much closer the lake is! Shows how much the lake levels have dropped over the years.

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I assumed we lost the banking because it has been sinking for the past 15 years!
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MiLLeNNiuMRiDeR said:
Another thing: Look at how much closer the lake is! Shows how much the lake levels have dropped over the years.

The lake levels haven't dropped at all. Magnum's just sliding to the west away from the lake.

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I think the "made-up" narrative under each photo is comical because I'm sure the website and descriptions were created long after the Magnum opened.

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Yeah, I also find the captions funny. I think someone said this already, but the one where he says, I can't imagine any coaster can get much taller than this.


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WOW - I was to young to remember much about the Magnum in its first years except a massive thing I was afraid to ride. Now I finally know that orange is faded orange not faded red. cool pictures

These pictures are awesome. On the eve of the Magnum 15th anniversary celebration, I find it amazing how much Magnum has changed Cedar Point. I was unaware that that whole area was rather baren before they put in Magnum. Not only are the pictures of the construction impressive, but so is the area surrounding the construction. I'm shocked at how much that whole area has evolved in the past 15 years. It looks so meek compared to today with how big Soak City and the Breakers complexes have become.

This was a very good find, and I'm glad you shared it, Rider.

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I totally agree cpbound. lol. It totally just looked like someone's farm or something back then. I'm glad I'm around now and not then.

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Magnum still rocks.

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Meek? You're looking at pictures of a camp ground in the off-season. I can assure you that during the season that was one camper after the next packed with people. It was hardly unused land.

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I'm aware that that area of the park was used during the season, but the point I was trying to make was that in comparison to how that area of the park is being used now, it's just amazing how much it has changed.
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What CP_bound is trying to say is how much Soak City has expanded and the additions of CHallange Park's Miniature Golf, Go-Carts, and Rip-Cord.
Those pictures are awesome. Brings back alot of memories. The thing that is so amazing is looking around the park to see how much has changed. Thanks for the link.

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It's really amazing how far we've come. Who would of thought 14 years later the park would see a coaster double the size.

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