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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew when acceptances start coming in and when the roommate group page goes up on fb? Also! Do entertainment employees all live in the same housing or do we get to pick? Also! Does anyone that worked in entertainment last year know when you usually start? Are there rehearsals?

*This is mainly pertaining to costumed characters*

That facebook page and other similar employee pages are not affiliated with Cedar Point. They will go up when the independent admins make them- I have no idea when but it should be fairly soon. Be aware that CP housing is notoriously bad and that there have been issues with roommate placements ongoing for years. I had to fight them to let me have a roommate who arrived 2 weeks later than I did and even had to move buildings to make it happen. I highly recommend trying to find a place in town to share with some friends.

My experience is in operations. I don't have any idea when you guys start in LiveE.

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Thanks for the response! So as far as I've heard the in-park dorms are awful but the other one's aren't as bad? I'm just trying to decide what to do for housing. I live pretty far away (4 hours) and I was thinking of just taking the cheap option and doing the employee housing.

I've lived in the on-peninsula building, Cedars, all 3 summers I've worked there, and plan to live there again this summer. Yes, the building is over 100 years old and doesn't have heat or air conditioning, but you can bring your own AC unit to put in your window. The convenience of walking across the street and being at work can't be beat. I've found that Cedars tends to be quieter than Commons, off point housing, making a good nights sleep easier. My first summer I had two random roommates, could've been better could've been worse. The next two summers I had one or more roommates picked out, and I've had no complaints.

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It's been a couple of summers since I worked there, so I am not sure what has changed.

I was a show technician in 2015. There was a bit of confusion when my roommate and I went to get our housing assignment at Commons initially, but it got resolved fairly quickly. Live Entertainment usually gets a few of the APARTMENTS in Commons set aside specifically for the department.

Pros to the apartments:

  • Bathrooms were at least private to the apartment.
  • Large fridge
  • Common area to hang out that wasn't totally public.
  • Room sizes acceptable for the number of people in them (2-3)
  • No bug issues (at least in my apartment)


  • The apartments are NOT cleaned by CP housing. But I have heard the commons dorms get super dirty fast anyway
  • In general, the internet access SUCKS
  • Air Conditioning is only in the common area

As for start dates, it depends. I processed in around the second week of May. A decent amount of performers were already there by then. The staff know most of their cast and crew are coming from colleges, so early May is typical.

I'll do my best to answer more questions if you have any. Just like I said, some things might have changed since I worked there.

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See the housing doesn't seem too bad then!

@audi0c0aster1 for entertainment can you stay through till halloweekends? I'm definitely interested! Is it still the $100 deposit for the apartments and how much was the rent? I keep hearing $30-$45 a week! Thanks for answering my questions!

I can't help with current deposit amount and rental rates, as those get adjusted each year. This information should eventually be posted on the CP jobs page.

In regards to staying through Halloweekends: Those I know that did either were living in Bayside or off-site. Usually Bayside is tough (or straight up impossible) to get into for anyone that isn't some sort of supervisor or seasonal manager. That is only for living there when the park is closed though.

Depending on circumstances at the end of the summer, management might be able to help with that. If you have any technical theater experience, and are willing to help with the change-over to the fall shows, it could only help your case.

If you are going back to school at the end of the summer, none of the above housing info matters. Halloweekend housing in Commons I believe is free, but only for the weekend. This works out well for most of the college students that are there only when the park is open.

Best of luck!

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Okay thanks! Hm okay! I'm not a college student, I graduated back in 2014, but I would love to stay on through the fall if possible! I'll just ask hr if/when I get hired! Thanks for the info!

The $100 housing deposit is due when you first move in. The housing fee comes out of your paycheck and is prorated for when you first move in. (ie. If you move in during the middle of the pay period, you will only be charged for the X days that you use housing). After you move in and the season is underway, it will be the same amount every two weeks. You can stay until the end of the season or when your contract ends.

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Thanks a bunch! :)

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Just a heads up, coordinating roommates with Cedar Point housing is typically a nightmare unless you're prospective roommates process in close to the same day as you or if you call housing and prearrange something. I know some departments have reserved rooms, if yours' does they'll tell you. Cedars is my personal favorite building because it's cheap, much quieter than commons, and right next to the park.

As for rent this is what it was last year (this could easily change):

Upon processing in: $100 deposit

Cedars: $6 per day

Commons Dorms: 7$ per day

Commons Apartments: $8 per day

Bayside: $9 per day

Housing is free after daily operation ends until closing day. If you still work after closing day they start charging again. All of this is done via payroll deductions so it's pretty seamless

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Okay thanks a bunch! As far as the different housing options go, do any of them have a private bathroom? How are they set up?

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Dorms and cedars have college style community bathrooms, Apartments and Bayside have bathrooms shared by your apartment and they do have locks on the doors which is nice. Here are the different room setups:

Cedars: Doubles, triples, and an extremely limited number of quads

Dorms: All quads

Apartments: Mostly doubles, some triples, 10-12 per apartment with shared living room and bathrooms

Bayside: Same as above

Space for storing stuff is pretty limited compared to an actual college dorm, so try not to overpack! The commons dorms in particular are really cramped

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Okay awesome! I'm definitely trying for Bayside or the Apartments! This helped a ton! Thanks!

Like I said previously, be careful wanting to live in Bayside. When I was there, it was full before the second week of May, and basically was reserved for seasonal supervisors and managers. If you want to live with other Live Entertainment staff, you will likely only be in the Commons Apartments.

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Okay cool! If I do get it I'm gonna try to get processed in as early as possible! Commons apartments sound fine to me though! :)

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