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I have stayed at CP before and always used the promo code RETURN and I when I had checked a few weeks ago my rate for 2 nights and 1 after 4pm pass and 1 full day for 3 people was $328. Now that I want to book it I can't get the promo code to work. Does anyone else have any promo codes or know why this code isn't working any more?

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What hotel?!? That’s a steal. I never got that good a rate using RETURN, but I haven’t used it since summer of 2015 because we bought our camper that fall.

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I can’t remember if there was a deadline for the code Return. I used it in Feb for a stay in May. A suite was 428 for 2 nights for no tickets. I’d call and ask.

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I can see $220+ per night for a room in May. But that and tickets for entry for multiple people, is not gonna happen.

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Make sure it’s all CAPS.
The codes don’t work otherwise.
But that seems crazy cheap, I think you are probably mistaken and had the parameters wrong.

There’s no way CP is giving that away at that price.


Right? Maybe 328 per...

Gabby691 -

I chatted with them and they thought that the promo code had expired since I couldn't get it to work with the express hotel anymore. I did however get it to work for lighthouse point and that will be ok since we do have an RV. I got 2 nights with 1 day ticket and after 4 ticket for 3 of us for $358 with the RETURN code

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