Hotel Breakers....microwave?

Does anyone know if the rooms have a microwave---we have one two queen wheelchair accessible room.

Or if there is any place in the hotel you can micowave food?

I don't think so. Even the large suites are without microwaves, at least the ones I've seen.

A call to the reservation number or the hotel will answer that for you. But it seems to me they're in the business of having you down in their restaurants buying food rather than heating up your own in the room. If there's a special health consideration or a baby or something, I don't know what accommodations they'd feel compelled to make.

The suites in Breakers East and the tower used to have microwaves and a mini frig.

The lake view and non lakeview suites have them in the cabinets above the fridge/sink area. I haven't used them in awhile though. I don't see a microwave listed in the description for your room. I wonder if there is one with the ice machines and vending machines? I haven't used those lately either.

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My room I stayed in a few weekends ago, a suite in Bon-Air with a lake view, had a microwave and a mini fridge. It also had very thin walls.

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No microwave in the 2 queen rooms, we bring a small one and set it on top of the mini fridge. Im hoping with the upgrades coming, that they will have microwaves next year.

Two rooms on the first floor of the East section are being worked on right now. You will know this by the two blue doors across from each other, 1501 (2 queen room) and 1502 (lake view suite).

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Thanks, is there any place to microwave anywhere on the grounds of the hotel?

You might check at the Sandcastle Suites instead, or one of the cabins, if you really need a microwave.

Upgrade to SS just for a microwave? It'd be cheaper to buy one at Target or Meijer and you get to keep it.

Unless you meant just to borrow, in which case, that's a long way to travel to heat up a burrito.

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