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I stayed at Hotel Breakers yesterday, and there was nowhere to park. I asked them at the front desk where I was going to park, and they said Soak City parking lot. I had to lug all our bags from Soak City to our room, and then walk clear over there to our car when we left. I had to pay a bellhop to help us out with the bags, which I don't normally do. It was just very inconvenient, which isn't what I expect when I pay to stay at that hotel.

You are supposed to pull up to the Front of the Breakers (end of the long hall) and have the bell guys remove your luggage from your car before you hunt for a parking place. Never lug your bags from any of the parking lots.

Not that it excuses having to park at the Surf City lot, that is just nuts. Last time I was there (June) they were letting buses take up multiple spots (lots of buses and lots of spots taken) They should make those buses park in Surf City.

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I'm wondering if people leave their cars in the hotel lot and go back in the park the next day after they check out. Then it would be too full. I just always stayed there to try to avoid the over crowding. Lol! I guess not anymore.

Of course people leave their cars in the lot the next day if they are in the park, with or without checking out. The parking problem only tends to happen on Saturdays, and usually only in the late afternoon until cars start to clear out about 7 pm or so.

I agree though, that you should unpack your car at the front, then go look for parking. For what it is worth, and its too late now, there is almost always parking in the back near the convention center entry - especially later in the evening. At night, they also do not enforce parking along the curbs back there if the slots are filled.

Yes there usually always are open spaces in the back by the convention center, but yesterday there were vehicles all over the place in places that weren't designated spaces. All I can think of is the fact that it's been raining for so many days straight prior to this weekend. Everyone must have flocked there at the same time.

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Its a peeve of mine to see buses or trailers/rv's parked in the Breakers parking lot taking up a lot of spaces. Im actually shocked they allow them to park there.

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Its not that they allow or don't allow them to park there -- its that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON monitors who parks there and who does not. Its simply an area in the park they have cut funding and it most likely will not be restored.

Not to mention the folks who just ignore the security stand and go back and park there then spend the day at Soak City and head home in the afternoon with NO hotel affiliation, including one person in this very forum who has admitted doing so and taught others to do so as well....

As much as the rooms cost at hotel breakers, they can afford to have someone issue tickets for unauthorized parking in their lot. However, they do not. The property is becoming less appealing to me as I come to realize they are ripping everyone off that stays there for several reasons.

Issuing tickets at Breakers is totally unnecessary. Who wants to have a great enjoyable getaway weekend with the family, gf/bf, or husband/wife, then find a parking ticket on their windshield when they come back from the park at night? The booth at the entrance to the Breaker's parking lot is enough if you ask me. Not to mention, the Soak City lot is actually a better place to park while staying there if you ask me. Just as 45Wheelgun said, pull up to the front of Breakers in the covered 'turnaround' area (geeze, as an architect major, you would think I would know what that architectural element is called), have the bellhops help unload your car, and then go park. Especially if they are going to consider tearing down Golds dorms, then the Hotel Breaker's parking lot can be extended, allowing for more parking space in years to come.

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Architecturally isn't that a Portico?

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