Halloweekends 2019


I have some questions about working at Halloweekends, for any of you that have done it before.

Is housing open the whole week or just the weekends? And is there still transportation to get to work and back, now that there is no housing on the actual point?

If you want to be a screamster, do you have to audition in-person, or can they hire you without seeing you (I'd either want to do that or merchandise)

I will not be there this summer (I was supposed to be, but something else came up, but I still want to make it there this season) so I would be coming in at the end of the summer. When do you think my check-in would be to move-in and start training before the first weekend?


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Pointseeker, there is a poster on this forum by the name Ralph Wiggum. He is in leadership of Screamsters, perhaps when & if he sees your post he can help answer your questions. Good luck to you.

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1. Housing is open all week.

2. The busses still run.

3. My understanding is that they do not need to see you in person.

4. Probably as close as possible to the first day of Halloweekends if you are a Screamster.

If you work merch, probably the week before.

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Thank You! I emailed HR and they said applications will be available in July - that all sounds good to me I will plan on applying :D

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I'm late to the party, but I can answer your questions.

The free Screamster housing (what used to be the 1300 building, not sure what they're calling it now) is open from noon on Fridays until noon on Mondays. If you want/need to stay during the week you can, but you'll be in a different building, and there is a fee unless you're working for a different department during the week.

The busses run all week

There is no audition to be a Screamster, only for specialty positions like bungee and sliders. You'll do a standard new hire interview. It can be done over the phone, or in person at one of the several job fairs they'll have in July and August.

As HR told you, applications should be online shortly after July 4, and interviews and hiring will start a week or two later. Processing in and Scare School can be done any Saturday starting July 27. Housing is not available until the day of dress rehearsal (September 6) unless you're working for another department before we start. For first year Screamsters, there's also an additional training session on either Sunday, September 1 or Sunday, September 8.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank You RW, That was very helpful.

Related-ish question for a friend of mine interested in applying. I would think the answer is yes, but is housing still open the evening of CP Closing Day through the following morning the same as all the other weekends?


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Yep. The last operating day for the park is Sunday, October 27. Housing for the season closes at noon on Monday, October 28.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

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