Halloweekend + FLP = magic

First time I’ve posted in many years. I really do enjoy this forum and wanted to contribute a bit.

Awesome all-around trip to CP this weekend. I chose to spend the big bucks on FLP for Saturday as I know it can be super crowded this time of year and we travel all the way from Atlanta. Wasn’t sure how long the FL lines would be as on our last visit in 2019 they were way too long to justify the cost.

The verdict for this day is that it was absolutely worth the expense. Maybe the increase in cost and post-covid environment had something to do with that. Not sure.

My 8-year-old daughter recently reached 48 inches tall and was primed to ride the big rides. Between 11am and 8pm she got to ride 19 big rides - everything from Pipe Scream to Gemini to Skyhawk to Power Tower and of course Millenium.

My wife and I stayed at Breakers so with early entry we got a no-wait ride on Maverick before meeting up with my dad and kiddo. After they left the park around 8:30, we got 2 rides on Maverick with a 5-10 minute wait while the normal line had a wait closer to an hour. That made FLP very much worth the expense.

Then we got a couple rides on Steve with 10-15 minute waits, while the normal line was similarly closer to an hour or more.

Got on Valravyn with almost no wait. Gatekeeper was like 10 minutes because of where they merge FL with the normal line.

So on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday with 80 degree weather, I somehow managed to get on 26 rides. My wife almost kept up but tapped out a bit early.

So in spite of my uncertainty about how FLP lines would be this time of year, it was totally worth the investment and saved us hours of waiting in line. More importantly, it allowed us the opportunity to get our daughter on all the cool rides in a pretty short window of time, as this was our only chance to visit this season.

I told her a bunch of stories about how I had to wait 3 hours to ride Magnum (which is so damn bumpy I may not ride it again) back in 1989 and about the same to ride Millenium when it first came out. Trying my best to prevent her from being spoiled by all the short lines. I appreciate the hell out of it and want her to as well.

Hope you guys get a chance to enjoy Halloweekend. The park is still great even without Dragster, MaxAir and Wicked Twister… no small achievement since I’ve enjoyed all three of those rides.

Hope they continue to make FL worth the price. Felt like they did so today!

Fave Rides: Steel Vengeance, Maverick, Millennium Force, Raptor, Power Tower

I think the increased price itself was probably the biggest factor. I'm hoping the bottom line numbers end up about breaking even or look even better than when they had it too cheap and everyone (both buyers and non-buyers) was getting PO'ed.


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