Halloweekend - Fridays visit

We will be travelling to the USA to visit family during the fall.

We would like to visit Cedar Point but due to flights the only opportunity is going to be on a Halloweekend Friday.

The choice we have is either Fri 10th Oct or Fri 24th Oct.

If we visit on the Fri 10th we could stay on for the Sat but I understand that is likley to be a very crowded day.

Which day is likley to be less crowded as I understand the 10th is the start of Columbus Day weekend and last year it was a very busy weekedend ?

Are Fridays quiet anyway ?

Our main aim is to rider coasters, we will not be doing haunts.

We plan to stay at one of the Cedar Point hotels so we can get ERT.

Any advice or tips appreciated.


It's a safe bet to assume that HW Fridays are quiet, even before Columbus Day.

I recommend the 24th, if only because if you're flirting with staying Saturday too, and apparently you are, know that all things being equal, 10/11 will be the busiest day of the year.

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