Guest taken to hospital after metal object falls off TTD

I think ultimately the fate of the ride will have a lot to do with what the investigation finds, and more importantly what those findings mean for the park's liability insurance costs. You can't open a ride that you can't insure, right?

Wouldn’t it make sense that a projectile(s)that hit a person would be evident in the immediate area.

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What do you mean? It was evident in the immediate area.

And I'm not sure who there is to comment, really, unless you mean on Facebook. That said, I would not be surprised if a certain local newspaper (cough cough) put out an "all call" for people who were in line.

It's not like the media was there "on the scene"; it's all after-the-fact he-said-she-said conjecture.

Except for that intrepid nurse who wants her own reality TV show.

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^slim kardashian?

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I guess it’s officially official. The seasonal closure of TTD will not affect the timetable for the permanent closure of WT. Cedar Point made the announcement about an hour ago.

…and now I’ll gently try to insert my foot into my mouth.

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Any news on the woman? Is she still in the hospital?

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Urumqi said:

I don't want to diminish James' experience in 2004, but it's extremely misleading for this article to mention that James filed a complaint given that she dismissed it without any settlement.

I'm not purposely trying to be argumentative, so please don't take offense, but how is that "extremely misleading" when it seems to be in fact exactly what happened? She filed a complaint, and later dismissed it. That actually happens quite often. It doesn't mean that the complaint was frivolous and it doesn't mean that it was a strong case either.

If the article had said that she filed a complaint against Cedar Fair and DID NOT also indicate that it was dismissed without a settlement = THAT would be extremely misleading. But to give both details is not really misleading IMO.

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Any update on this? I assume the woman must be out of the hospital by now.

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I don't think the family has any interest in sharing the woman's condition.

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CPkid77 said:

Any update on this? I assume the woman must be out of the hospital by now.

I wouldn't make that assumption

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I would hope the woman is okay, but I would certainly understand if her family doesn't want to share her condition. I am more curious about the investigation that is going to have to go on following this incident and I'm wondering if that has any updates at this point.

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I fear we are in a situation where people whose names end in "Esq." are going to be heavily involved, and with that in mind, it's in all parties best interest not to talk to anybody. It's not in the park's interest to say anything that might impact possible litigation, and it isn't in the family's best interest to say anything that could hinder any possible case brought against the park. That leaves the rest of us kind of in the dark until *something* happens. That could potentially take a while.

It's worth noting that this is an unusual situation, in that an uncommonly serious injury for a situation where there wasn't what we would normally consider a ride incident.

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I preface this by stating that I have not read all 16 pages of this thread.....

I was at the park last night (last visit prior was 9/1). I noticed that the green train was back on the transfer track minus the last car of that train. During my last visit the entire train was gone.

I wonder why the park even bothered to put it back on since the ride is down for the year?

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Where else would they put it? That's where it goes.

We all know it's SBNO for this season, but what's happening in the future (modifications, etc.) could be (and I would bet most likely is at this point) an unknown to the park at this point.

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I don't think anything except the last car was ever gone. I was there in late August and the green train was there minus the last car. So if the train was ever completely gone, it was for a very brief time.


Green train has been there the whole time. The last car was taken off a day or two after the investigation and was sitting in the maintenance garage until it was seen being taken out of the park on a fork lift after park close past GateKeeper on Sunday, August 29th. No idea where it was being taken. Perhaps somewhere for further investigation would be my guess.

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During the DOA press conference, I believe it was stated they'd take it to a lab.


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I guess the Register feels like other people should know.

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Weird, the court's search data can't find any such case filed by the Register.

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The incident happened at 4:30. The Sandusky Register filed their complaint that same day.

No patience whatsoever. I’m sorry, SR, but I’m pretty sure the park had more important things on their hands at that time then calling up the newspapers and providing an interview.

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