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The easy explanation is that the park wants the least amount of entry points into the park as possible, particularly from a security perspective.

Neither that building nor the park itself were intended to be accessed via the beach directly.

I was a little surprised they didn't have some sort of walk-up window for food and drink on that side of the pavilion, but maybe they didn't think the foot traffic was high enough along there (too far from Breakers which has multiple bars of its own) to justify it.


Don't think the question was about park access, but why is there no ramp from the concrete path down to the sand in that area. Looks like there's no ramps between windseeker and the parking lot. (google's not updated to verify yet) I'd guess they'd prefer to keep crowds closer to breakers.

Resurrecting this thread reminded me of the openable windows. Have they utilized this feature at all yet? Has anyone been there when they were open?

The windows were open on the 4th of July. Some were open just a crack and others more than a crack. It was very comfortable inside.

I did notice that they put some more markings on the ground basically telling guests "Hey! There's a restaurant and bar over here. We're lonely!"

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We've noticed the signs along with the recent video tour on the park's social media. Also, they have been posting about new food offerings like the brunch menu.

I wonder if they are getting as much traffic as they expected.

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There's no path down to the sand from there. That was what my original post was about. There is a ramp right by the parking lot by gatekeeper and one by windseeker. (google maps is not updated to show it) But not one by the pavilion. Just seems odd considering the park is supposed to be promoting use of the beach and opening it up.

Edit- google maps does show the beach walkway by gatekeeper, with the pavilion being constructed

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This topic causes me to recall some speculation back when the pavilion was announced. I think some of us (me included) inferred that there would be some kind of beach-side service as well, maybe even bar service. That obviously didn't pan out, and I suppose it's questionable whether or not it would have been obvious to hotel guests that it was even there.

But with Friday's and the Surf Lounge slammed at night most of the summer, I can't understand why there isn't another bar with bar food option.

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Miss Force :

Just seems odd considering the park is supposed to be promoting use of the beach and opening it up.

If there were Grand Pavilion access from the beach side, a ramp there may have made sense, but without a GP entrance a ramp to the beach there would be redundant. Folks there are coming from or heading to the parking lot end or Windseeker gate, both of which provide access to the beach.


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