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How about those bathroom faucets? Anybody try them?

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Pretty sweet as far as bathroom fixtures go. Perhaps my age is showing, but I wandered around the room looking for dryers for a while before I figured things out.

Girl: "l want to ride that yellow one again... Twisted Wicker"
Me: "It's a roller coaster, not a broken clothes hamper."

Speaking of restrooms, I think a lot of you will be happy to know that the restrooms near Gatekeeper’s exit have been updated. I don’t know about any other bathrooms in the park though.

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Love the Pavilion; but they put the entry doors to the dining areas on backwards. You should push to enter, not pull. Makes it difficult when carrying food & beverage.

And, yes, the Men's room is pretty sweet. If I ever decide to take up poopin' at the Point it'll be my go-to.

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This is outside my knowledge, but I always assumed this was a building code thing. You always push to get out. Say there were some sort of emergency / panic evacuation of the patio area, having to pull open a door could result in people getting crushed.

^ I believe this is true for Ohio building codes. It goes back to a School fire over 100 years ago where kids were trapped in the School because the doors opened in and there was a crush of kids that kept the doors from opening.

Could they prop the door? I found this strange too

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Lets prop the doors open and see how long it takes to be invaded by seagulls and mayflies.

My guess is 5 seconds.

They should pay somebody to stand by the doors and open them for those wanting to go to the outside patio with full trays. I'll do it! :-)

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Lets prop the doors open and see how long it takes to be invaded by seagulls and mayflies.

The way I understood Uncle Steve's critique was that it was the doors to the dining areas on the first floor, which are separate rooms from the main central area, that can be an issue to deal with when carrying a tray full of food. These doors do not lead outside, so not only would wildlife not be an issue, I'm not sure why it would be code that they should swing one way or the other.


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Brandon I agree technically the doors don't lead outside. But they have those fold open windows which in my mind introduce the same issue of incursion from birds and insects as being outdoors would if they open them often. Therein lies the question though, how often do they open those windows up?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

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All the doors that I saw were pull to enter. You can see them in Walts video too.

I'm not sure why they even put doors on the interior dining areas.
The walk-up concessions in the park are open to the elements and, as far as I know, they have no issues with gulls.

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I don't know why they have doors between interior areas, but regardless, would it have killed them to have motion-activated sliding doors?

Maybe this is blowing it out of proportion, but as the father to two young-ish kids, when we're at an amusement park the ritual is usually the same: we as a family read the menu, everyone informs me of their choices, and I go through the process of acquiring those choices while the Wife and kids snag a table and await my return. Often when I return I'm carrying a tray full of stuff, and yeah, it'd be a pain to have to pull open a door while precariously balancing (very expensive) food items on a tray.


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My kid is 13 and that's still the ritual.

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I don't know why they have doors between interior areas

I think mayfly season when those giant windows are open will answer that question.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

Who opens windows during mayfly season?

It may be partitioned due to the current fire code. Sprinkler system divided into zones to localize containment, rather than potentially flooding the entire building.

Didn't want to start a new topic, but how come there is no beach ramp or beach access from the concrete walkway that goes under the upper balcony of the grand pavilion? The little area that sticks out a bit as you walk under the upper deck (whatever you want to call it) I makes sense and would be perfect to have it there so people can walk right down to the beach under the pavilion. They just put the green fence there instead so you have to walk to windseeker to the ramp there by the jet skis. I guess that's good enough for CP?

MF as a human eager to talk about my home park!

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