Going this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, with Fast Lane Plus. I have a few questions.

So lately how long have the waits been for Fast Lane in comparison to the regular lines? And what would the longest waits be for what rides with Fast Lane?

Also I've been following the weather for a couple of days, and it looks like the days I'll be going will have a chance of isolated storms. Will that cause the crowds to be smaller than normal? Also how does weather affect what rides operate/don't operate there?

We tend to try visit on days where the weather forecast is a little iffy in hopes of smaller crowds. Our success using this strategy varies, ranging from days with just slightly smaller crowds to days that would make you sorry you splurged for the fast passes.

It seems, during our visits at least, as if most of the coasters shut down with anything over a very light rain, TTD seems to shut down after just a few raindrops.

Most of the FP lines have very short if not non existent waits from what we have seen. Maverick possibly being the exception as we have seen that Fast Pass line backed up clear out on to the midway on occasion. Millenium FP merges in at what I would guess a 10 to 15 minute wait, Dragster at 10 to 15 also. Gatekeeper merges in at the split and is a very short wait.

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