Gathering places within CP.

The last three years I've organized a gathering of MMORPG players at Cedar Point (LOTROcon, which you can google on you own for the website.) Not a big group, just over a dozen, all of whom attend Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday in late July. One thing that has always frustrated us has been the lack of a "club house" or place in the park we can anchor ourselves at. Yes, I'm aware of the picnic pavilion, I know about the "group lunches" near the Grand Pavilion, there is also the meeting room space in Breakers East, and grossly out of date space within the Grand Pavilion.

But what I'm hunting for is at once more basic but more lasting than those. The table space behind the Dinosaurs Alive store for example would be good. Sheltered, tables, and gated.

Nothing is central inside the park or usable as space a group can come and go from, etc. I've worked around that for some time, but over the next two years we are expanding the scope of whom we invite. So I'm asking to see if anybody has knowledge of places that have been rented, reserved, etc. The ability to have tables for some displays, exchanges of information, and be the event HQ, that is what I need. But not 10 minutes walk from the edge of the park.

If no place can be had, what have folks done instead?

As someone who has not set foot in the park in years, I am well out of date. But the first thing that came to my mind was the old ballroom above the Coliseum. It is oversized for your group, and I imagine not ADA compliant, but it is inside the park, and is off the beaten path of event planning. It might be worth asking Guest Services about.

PS. I chuckled a bit when a representitive of a group whose focus is "living" in Middle Earth called any space at the Point grossly outdated. B-)

lol, yeah I've had folks on the other side of the coin muse about having a gathering with ties to Tolkien based in the middle of the worlds most epic amusement park. But the location works. CP is a draw, folks always have fun, and it is the kind of place where we have our little "games" we play, give the award out, folks scatter and reassemble elsewhere. But it is that "clubhouse" we need and can't get.

The Ball Room would be fine if it had an elevator. I could even deal with the heat. But each year we've had at least a couple of people with back issues who come for the shows and social events not the rides. Plus if we had displays, (video car makers, the game companies, etc) they have to drag stuff up the stairs. Not ideal. Nor is the one room I could identify in the Grand Pavilion. I need to physically get inside there to look at things first-hand but the PDF and views I've had don't seem encouraging.

The meeting space in Breakers would do but is a bit out of the way and lacks easy access.

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