Friday, July 5, 2013

For the past 3 or 4 years I have went to Cedar Point for the 4th of July. I went online for weeks checking the weather for that day and all it showed was rain and it wasn't going to be that warm! Luckily the 5th showed sunshine and 82 degree weather. So, I decided that would be the best day to go this holiday weekend and got a ride and slide package, and the fast lane plus tickets I bought online so I would for sure be able to get them, since I knew how busy this weekend would be. Of course, the day after I pay for everything online I check the weather and it showed 30% chance thunderstorms and 75 degree weather! What horrible luck! I know 30% doesn't seem like a lot but its been raining and chilly all week! It could be a hit or miss, but I'm annoyed bc I already put all that money into my trip. And I understand weather is always changing.

So my question is, if I do end up wasting my money from the FLP tickets and soak city, what is there that we can do that will be fun and entertain us if we do get hit with a storm? I wanna try and at least get some of my money worth from it :\

P.s - last year you could buy the souvenir cup and then pay like $15 extra or something for unlimited refills all day. Do they still have that? If not do they have anything similar to that?

Thanks for all replies! This is my first post!

I wouldn't worry too much about the weather. Generally speaking, most of it blows right over us or it hits us for about an hour. You should be fine. They do offer the souvenir cups for $10-$13 a piece, but the prices are cheaper if you buy more than one. You can get free refills on the day of the purchase and then .99 cent refills the rest of the season.

2013: Maverick, Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Snake River Falls
2014: Team Leader of Snake River Falls

That makes me feel a little better about going, thanks! :)

No problem!

2013: Maverick, Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Snake River Falls
2014: Team Leader of Snake River Falls

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