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I am an incoming intern on May 17 and will be staying in the Bayside Apartments. As a new employee of CP, can someone tell me how they usually do the whole food thing? Do you always buy food from the park or from the Employee Cafe? Or do you typically bring a packed lunch? Do you cook in the apartment? Again, just a quick question. I am trying to figure out what most people do.


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Bayside has kitchens with stoves and big fridges. Everywhere else is microwaves and some fridges in common rooms. When I lived on point I ate breakfast and lunch in the caf, the breakfast is a great value. Dinner kinda depended on what I was after. I usually made something back at the room...

People do bring little dorm style fridges. Buy a hasp and a lock. My co-workers would clean me out while I was at work...

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I've never lived in either style apartments CP has, only cedars and Commons dorms, but I'll echo what 1000 years said. I always ate breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, and dinner in my dorm, almost always being microwaveable food. I'd advise against buying food in the park every day, cause even with our discount it adds up quick

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I lived in the Commons Apartments, so having no stove I actually did the opposite. I had breakfast in my apartment then lunch and dinner in one of the employee cafeterias. Plenty of people do pack their lunches, especially if they can find good deals on things at either Meijer or Walmart.

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