FLP up again to $249 on Saturdays

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Speaking of season passes, when will we be able to *renew* our current passes for 2022??

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Wonderland started 2022 pass sales today. All season FLP is “sold out” and no option for all park FLP.

Wonderland sold out All Season All Park FLP & just Wonderland FLP for 2021, since they are extending all their passes & add ons till Labor Day 2022 they can't really sell new ones.

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Me thinks CP Gold pass sales start tomorrow.


Anyone wanna start a pool on Gold Pass pricing?



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One All Season All Park End of the Line Pass says $99 again.

I feel like the product de-valuing will continue and they'll be $99 again. Perhaps not for as long as in 2019, but I think it'll be $99 thru Labor Day.

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$99 is my guess. People see it is is under 100.00 and think they are really getting a bargain (which they are) as opposed to triple digits. That one extra digit is a very real perception thing such as home buyers who set their search to "up to 99,900" and very much limit their options over a small amount differential. In addition, it will provide CP with an immediate influx of cash-flow.

After all, they need to hire a few hundred Screamsters at $20.00 per hour. CP is going to be crazy busy this fall.

Yeah, it's $99 again. You can buy it online already for 2022.

Also regarding Saturday's FLP pricing...we were there this past Thursday/Friday/Saturday and decided to splurge for FLP on Saturday since it was our last day in the park. Pricing for FL/FLP was 169/249, but when we bought it using our Platinum Pass, they only charged us 149 each. Typically every time we've done this we had gotten the FLP for the price of FL, but it was an even bigger discount this time. We were quite pleasantly surprised, and the lines with FLP on Saturday really weren't bad at all. I'm assuming the increased pricing is having the desired effect of helping with lines.

So to the folks who said “They aren’t giving away the gate at $99 because the price increased to blah blah blah”… Oh look. It’s $99 again.

Cedar Fair board meeting:

“We lost big money in the second quarter. We need to get these numbers up. Ideas?”

”Quick! Qive away the gate again to cram more people into the flagship park! Attendance = PROFIT!”

”BRILLIANT! Who cares if they can’t spend any money in the park because they are stuck in ridiculous lines all day long? If the park is busy it must be making money!”


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F1rePhant0m said:

Yeah, it's $99 again. You can buy it online already for 2022.

Sorry, you (and Cedar Point's website) are obviously mistaken. I have it on good authority that they won't offer Gold at that price point again. It's a fact, so checkmate.


Actually....it's not $99 out the door. The pass is $99, After processing fee and tax it totals $109.95

~$10 in fees.... still WAAAAY better than the Ticketmaster service fees! LoL

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CED23 said:

Along, with silly slippery slope logic of 2 posts above b/c they can't get their simple minds around the fact the initial Gold Pass price was a special 150th intro ... will not be $99 again.

So uh, about that...

Whatcha got to say, champ?

I think it's such a bad move by the park. But I'm almost glad they did it just to prove that guy wrong.

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Guys, don’t worry the park has a plan and it is brilliant. Not only are they going the give away the gate but making sure your belly is full in those long is part of it!

Here is what Hugo’s is serving on the meal plan.

Even my growing teen with a ferocious appetite could not come close to finishing this. How do they do this and make a profit you ask?

Easy make it up in sides!

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Teenage me would devour that. Now the thought of all that bread and sauce in the heat riding coasters makes me queasy to think about

With the current offer of $99 gold pass (applies to renewal and NEW), if that new 99 pass bought in the next 3 weeks and they announce it's good for this season's halloweekends, unbelievable crowds.

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I was thinking about that too but I don't see it announced anywhere so I figure they at least corrected that mistake.

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The 2022 Gold pass is good for the rest of 2021 season. Right there on the CP landing page: “Lowest price of the season - ends Sept 6. Get unlimited visits in 2021 & 2022, free parking and more.”

I wouldn’t worry too much about Halloweekends, $600 salads will help limit the riff raff. :)

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Oh wow! Yep totally missed that and don't know how because as you said it's all over the place. That's nuts!

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I would love to hear the executives' justification for not only continuing to basically give away the gate during a time of apparent unprecedented demand, but to do so during Hallo-effing-Weekends! Completely asinine.


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