First trip to CP in several years

I used go every year, cant believe its been so long. Looking forward to it. A few quick questions to the experts:

1) Opinion: If you share a souvenir mug with someone and use it all day, good deal or bad deal? Also can you bring those in the restaurants?

2) I've always fantasized about a ride on the Sky Ride or Lake Erie railroad when its dark and the park is almost closed. But in the past it seems like those rides close early. Is there any rough time they stop running so I can ride late as possible?

3) Can young adults ride the two kid rollercoasters without a kid? Trying to get a friend who is terrified into coasters. Also can adults ride the turnpike cars?

Thank you so much for any help

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1) I'd say good deal. And I can't think of a reason why they'd ever bar you from bringing one in to a restaurant.

2) Dunno. It seems to me that CPLERR would at least stay open right til close so those in Frontiertown have a way out without walking so far. But expect it to close when the rest of the rides do.
If you haven't seen CP at night in a while be prepared for a surprise. In recent years they've paid quite a bit of attention to that atmosphere. Some of it works well, some not so much, but it's a lot different now. And it would be worth looking at from Sky Ride.

3) Woodstock Express, yes. As long as they fit. Wilderness Run, no. I've used a front seat ride on Iron Dragon to warm a timid person up before. You might try that one, too.
Of course adults can ride Turnpike, but once again as long as they fit. Legroom on that one can be tough. While not my first choice in car rides, Cadillacs or Antiques would certaily be more comfortable.

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I believe the last train leaves the main midway station at 9:30 or 9:40. The last train leaves the Frontiertown station at 10:00.

As far as kid coasters I believe adults without a child cannot ride Wilderness Run (Jr. Gemini), but I think adults without kids are permitted on Woodstock Express.

Adults can ride the turnpike cruisers put depending on your height fitting behind the steering wheel can be tricky.

If he is hesitant to ride a coaster; I'd recommend starting on Iron Dragon which is pretty tame. If he likes that try the Raptor or even Gatekeeper. While both seem scary because of the loops they are both very smooth rides and not too tall.

Blue Streak is a bit bumpy buy a great starter coaster. Look at all the young kids riding it.

Same with Cedar Creek Mine Rd. -- good starter coaster. Not too tall but lots of fun.

Power Tower, MaxAir and Skyhawk are great thrill rides for building confidence in new riders. If they like the heights, air time and g-forces on those rides you can use that as encouragement to try taller coasters like Magnum, Millennium and maybe even Dragster.

Even if you can't get your friend on MF and TTD you can still have lots of fun on the other coasters.

Perfect replies, thanks guys. Great community here. I've always been obsessed with the point and I plan on sticking around.

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As an added note, the Sky Ride stays open until closing time. As with other rides, the Sky Ride runs after closing time until the line is empty.

They used to close the train early because of the laser show. That is not necessary for Luminosity, so the train closes with the park.

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