First trip of the year- 5/22/17

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Took my 10 year old son and friend after school today. Parked in the old Soak City lot with no problems. Didn't see a whole lot of major changes but little things here and there that were different from last season. Park was more crowded than I anticipated and definitely saw (and talked to) a few people from Canada, not sure if they have a holiday this time of year or are out of school already? A lot of class field trips which I expected. Lines went down as the afternoon went on, which I expected when the school busses left and people ran out of steam. In 4 hours we got in:

Lake Erie Eagles
Pipe Scream
Tilt a Whirl (2x)
Woodstock Express, just for fun
Gemini, only once because it seemed to be going down on and off
Mine Ride
Wave Swinger
Sky Hawk
Had a pretzel at the new Auntie Annes near Frontier Town and it was really gross, greasy and just tasted bad, like chemicals. Walked past the ponies and I felt bad for them, not to mention the worker shuffling around hay.
Walked to the very front of the park to buy my souvenir drink plan and then did
Ocean Motion
Gatekeeper (2x)
Wicked Twister

Overall, a great day and although it was after closing time the kids got on Magnum around 8:05. I don't know how I didn't know this before but the ride attendant told me their official policy is to keep the lines open until 8 minutes after closing for people whose watches are different times. Can't wait for a fun 2017 season!!!!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)

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Regarding getting in line past the posted park close time, I've noticed they seem to be pretty lenient with that. During my 3 night trip last summer, 2 of those 3 nights we were able to get in line after everything was closing up (there wasn't even a line one time.) We were headed toward the exit and saw that there still seemed to be slight activity up on the Raptor platform even though it was passed park close time, so we started walking towards and one of the ride ops workers saw us and yelled to come on up, they will get us on if we want. Ended up riding with just my girlfriend and I, and 2 other people. Was a pretty sweet way to end the night.

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