First Time Visit, Need Help From Experienced Cedar Point-ers Please!

Hi everyone, this is my first post! This will be my first Cedar Point trip, my girlfriend and I are planning on coming up from St. Louis, MO May 30th and visiting the park on May 31st.

Hopefully these aren't the same questions as everyone else, I did browse the forums before signing up and posting. Still felt I needed specific help.

My first question is, for locals and experienced traveler, does a cloudy or possibly rainy day immediately mean a bad experience? Most of my hand wringing has been over the forecast, as Accuweather has bounced from 83 and sunny to below 70 and "a couple of showers". Would a "couple of showers" be an instant buzz kill? I have no real plans of Soak City, but obviously I want to hit all the top dogs like MF and TTD.

My current plan is like this, drive up May 30th, hopefully attend the park May 31st and come home June 1st. This leads to my second question, in the event of May 31st not being a enjoyable day, how easy would it be to stay an extra night last minute? I'm currently planning to stay at Hotel Breakers, would I be able to add on that Saturday? If not, could I at least get the discounted tickets? Crowds aren't a problem but money could be, as I would want a Fast Pass which ever day I go, and I've heard those are more money on Saturdays.

So to review...

1) Would a "couple of showers" still make for an enjoyable day at the park?


2) If it would ruin my day, is planning to stay an extra night a good idea, or should I change my dates entirely?

I hope thats not too jumbled (I am WAY excited and want this to go perfectly) and thank you for any help you can provide.

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Are your days flexible? If not, then letting showers "ruin" your trip isn't worth it. Also, a forecast any more than 2-3 days out isn't worth getting worried about.

One thing to keep in mind is that any day at Cedar Point is still better than a day at work.

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Heck, this is Ohio. The same-day forecast is rarely ever accurate, especially when it comes to predicting rain and storms.

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