Finally going to Cedar Point!

I will finally be going to Cedar Point at the end of summer after years of wishing and hoping! I am planning on going September 27th to October 1st. I know this is a Halloweekend which I am very excited to see!

Some questions:
1.) Typically, how busy is the park during this weekend? It is a time where some colleges have a mid fall break but high school students are still in school. What days are usually the busiest? I am assuming Saturday but Sunday as well?
2.) Would it be wise for us to purchase a fast pass?
3.) I am having a hard time deciding on where to stay. I have narrowed the off site hotels to: Sleep Inn and Econo Lodge North. The only option for on site during the days I would be there would be Castaway Bay. I understand with Castaway Bay I would have the option of entering the park an hour early. Financially, I am trying to determine the best option.

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1- Fall break is typically the following weekend for most colleges around here. That said, crowds will largely depend on weather. If the forecast looks nice, expect larger crowds. Sunday is usually not nearly as busy as Saturday, but again, is weather dependent. I've seen really slow, rainy Saturdays followed by really busy, warm and sunny Sundays.

2- I'd make that decision when you get there. Like I said, weather can have a big impact on crowds. If you arrive close to opening time, I doubt there's any reason to worry about them selling out before you get there.

3- I've not stayed at either hotel. I do recommend the Maples Motel though. It's "dated" but very clean, priced well, and the owners are incredibly nice. They're just down the street from the Chausee (the so-called back entrance to the park) so it's a convenient drive.

Hope you have a fun trip. Don't forget to take some time out to see the haunts and some live shows!

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