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I'm thinking about planning a trip to the Point this summer with a couple of my best buddies, and I got a couple of questions. I haven't been there for 8 years so I'm a bit out of date.

-I got three blind buddies and I'm wondering if there's anything specific I should take into account. I know the obvious, make sure that they're ok and read the safety procedures and make sure they follow them - but I'm wondering if there's anything else I should be concerned about. I recall that on most of the really popular rides that they have storage for loose items but I'm kind of concerned about the canes - I don't want them being messed around with since that'd really ruin our day! Is it possible for an operator to keep them in the operating compartment or at least under a steady eye until the ride is complete? We're all really big roller coaster buffs and it'd really suck if some bloody teenager or some stupid person ran off with them. Any other advice would be grand.

-I'm from Michigan, near Pontiac, and I've had trouble finding a bus service that'd be able to take us there. I looked into Greyhound but I don't think their schedule works out. We might be having up to 10-15 people with us and I don't have a car that can go that far, so I was wondering what services people typically use.

-How have the restaurants and other minor attractions changed since 2005-ish since I remember a lot of really good restaurants and things there. How much money should I recommend per person to bring for the additional attractions and food? I recall a buffet-style restaurant near the entrance of the park, pretty close to Raptor/Blue Streak; does anyone know the name of that restaurant and what the price point for it is because I remember really liking that particular restaurant.

-Roller Coaster recommendations. I wanna know which new coasters are really good (since 2005). We aren't wooden fans so no Mean Streak clones here. Also, how are the conditions of the rides I remember, like Magnum and Millennium Force? I remember Magnum being kind of jerky last time I went on it but MF was smooth as can be. I really hope it's still like that.

So yeah, that's all I got for now. Any other comments about how the park is doing would really help me out. I love CP and I really hope it's better than even my last visit, which was awesome.

blue lakes charter has a pick up location in Brighton.


I used them once years ago. Not to bad then.

The Midway Market is the buffet that your thinking of. Haven't eaten there in a few years. Thinking it's around $15 a person depending on lunch or dinner, dinner cost more I remember.

Since you said your last visit was in 2005, including GateKeeper there have only been 2 new coasters. The other is called Maverick and is at the very back of the park. It's a really fun ride, but the restraints might beat you up a little. But be sure to go on it, it's a great coaster. There have also been some other noncoasters added such as WindSeeker and Shoot the Rapids.

Magnum is a little rough as it gets older but still packs a punch and is a great classic. Millennium is as smooth as always.

If you're into gourmet hot dogs, you want to try out Pinks. There are plenty of other good places to eat if that's not your preference. Johnny Rockets or Coasters Drive In have always been nice places to go if you feel like a burger, shake, and fries.

As for your friends' canes, I don't think the ride ops would hold onto them for you. You'll probably have to end up placing them in a bin, but I've never had a problem with things getting stolen/damaged so you and your group should be fine.

Another suggestion: If you're willing to cough up the extra money for it, you should buy the Fast Lane Plus passes. Not sure if you've heard of them but it's something new that for an extra fee, you basically get a shorter wait by starting off in a separate line. It doesn't include every ride, and the regular Fast Lane doesn't include Dragster or GateKeeper while the Fast Lane Plus does. Just something to consider, especially if you're going in July or early August.

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For answers to the questions about what to do with the canes, I'd call the info line at the park (419-627-2350) and they should be able to help you.

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