Favorite Cedar Point Commercial(s)?

What is your favorite Cedar Point commercials?

Here are some of mine:

Not a favorite-favorite but I remember seeing this one at my Grandparents' house and it did the ads' job done (sort of, not sure if I went to CP in 1999)

Yeah, my taste is poor. But I'm sure you have other favorite Cedar Point commercials, perhaps one from the 80s or so.

The original cgi Raptor commercial and the Millennium Force commercial.

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^ When it aired, that was one of CP's most effective commercials. It was mentioned in textbooks for its effectiveness. Still one of my favorite commercials.

Lovedthw Millennium Force commercial. At the turn of the century, there were signs...


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That was a good commercial. And for the record, I LOVE how Magnum tosses me around like a rag doll!

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I love this one

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As much as I HATE commercials, I have a few favorites:

Millennium Force had an awesome commercial...Sends you to another world or something:

Skyhawk's ad was short, sweet, and to the point:

Power Tower was cool as well:

Gemini is a little weird:

I wonder what the commercial for MaXair was?

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Always wondered why a park as large as this needed to use stock footage that was clearly not cedar point. Generic coaster shots to fill the gaps in their commercial. Why is This done so often? Seems like they could do it right with such a high profile park.

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Usually the company they hire to produce the commercial is responsible for that. Likely they didn't have the footage/shot they actually wanted or simply they assume the GP won't notice. In some cases the product they want to show isn't even finished yet so they use stock footage in place of it.

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Interesting, but also, didn't they do this before they had software like no limits 2?

Steel Vengeance rides: 212

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