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So, number one, Im only 13 so dont get mad at me, for whatever reason. Number 2, my question is, are the fast lane passes worth it? I was just wondering because it would just be an extra 10-20$ (Since my uncle's going for sure, and possibly my grandma, who loves roller coasters lol) and my mom said, she would rather get more rides in than be waiting for up to 2 hours on some. She said one year she went, she waited for ever, on most roller coasters. We're going on a weekday, but I heard that doesn't help too much. Also, dont say, "That's just unethical what you're doing." or anything like that. We're putting our pay in. You get what you pay for.

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Fast passes are an extra 50-65 dollars (per person) and Fast Lane Plus will be an extra 65-80 (per person) dollars.

The low end is if you buy 4 or more, the top end if you only buy 1.

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My opinion: totally worth it - even on a weekday. I usually go during the week in May before schools are out. Without Fastlane, I can typically get 25 BIG rides in a day. With Fastlane, I can easily get 50+ BIG rides. So... if you only go once a year, it is worth the extra $ to REALLY get your fill of roller coasters. Have fun!

So on top of the normal admission price of about 45$ I would add 50$ since there's gonna be more than four?

God, there goes that. My mom just researched it that ridiculous...


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And the $50 would get you fastpass access to all the fastpass rides EXCEPT Dragster and Gatekeeper. Those require the upgrade to FastPass Plus.

And yes, it would come out to ~95 per ticket if you got fastpasses including your admission ticket.

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Thank you. We're just gonna buy the normal tickets. Anyways we're going in may on a weekday, so it shouldn't be as busy right?

No not too busy.
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I'm sure it's on here somewhere.....and I know there are a limited number of fast passes issued each day.......

But how do I make sure I'm able to get one? Do you order them before hand or do you have to wait and get them at the gate on that day?


You can get them before hand, but except for the very busiest weekend days last summer they never sold out -- just get one at the park....

Ok. Thanks.

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They say the plus passes will be have a very limited supply.
I would order them off the web a day before you go. Last year you could get them at the park no problem. With gatekeeper this year, I'm sure they want to minize fast passes effect on its line while not hurt the extra revenue they bring in. Thus the 2 tiered system. Sell out of the plus pass, cedarpoint still has the regular ones to sell.

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