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^Not sure if there's truth to that, but if there were legal concerns I imagine it's because the customer is winning a prize that can be bought (fast lane plus) and therefore has a monetary value, which is aligned to gambling. Winning a stuffed animal (or basketball, etc) that can't be purchased probably falls under games of chance in the eyes of a gaming commission. This is me speculating.

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Nah, it was Bob Barker's estate that came after them for using the trademarked Plinko game. Drew Carey tried to get them to call off the dogs, but Bob Barker's heirs are quite greedy. Plinko was shuttered soon after that.

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In terms of gambling, distinction is typically made between games of chance and games of skill. Games of chance are gambling; games of skill are not. Oversimplified but the general rule.

The Wall is similar to Plinko.

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As I remember, there was a change in the law in Ohio (or at least the interpretation) that made these types of games problimatic. I don't recall the exact interpretation, but these types of games were removed from the parks to keep from running afoul of the law. I am sure these was a string either here or at Coasterbuzz.

Edit: looks like it was removed in 2018.

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Reminds me of Drew Carey talking about an unintentional rigged game of Plinko.

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Plinko is a trademark owned by Fremantle, the media conglomerate that owns The Price Is Right. Fremantle bought Pearson which bought All-American which bought Mark Goodson Productions. And that's the lineage of Plinko.

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