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Fast Lane Plus will only get you one-time access to TT2; season-pass FLP will grant you unlimited access.

Non Plus Fast Lane will get you all the rides on Mine Ride your little heart desires.

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Happy, because I've been buying the all-season since it's been offered. I'm wondering though how they'll differentiate. I'm guessing 3 different wristbands now?

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The FL wristbands have bar codes, correct? If so, I would imagine that's how they'd differentiate.


Scanning the bar code was hit/miss the day I did a FLP last year. Most rides only wanted to see the wristband. Not saying they couldn't do the scan, but they would have to tighten up the procedure a bit.

I am wondering if the Prestige Pass, which includes a single-use Fastlane +, will include TT2. Or will there be a disclaimer printed on the pass that it is not valid for TT2.

IIRC, when you received a single-use Fastlane ticket playing Plinko, back when it was still legal to do so (?), the pass stated it was not valid on Steel Vengence.

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Website now says 95 and 115 for single day fast lane. Not 79 and 99.

Taking Buy Now to a new level.

The $115 price for FL+ is the cost for weekdays in May, when you won't actually need FL+. By mid June when FL+ starts to be needed it's $145 weekdays, $180 Saturday. July/August prime season it's $165 weekdays & Saturdays $199. Also, Remember these are prelim prices, they will go up with presale demand, attendance levels trends or sometimes just as the date approaches.

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Scott Cameron:

Happy, because I've been buying the all-season since it's been offered. I'm wondering though how they'll differentiate.

Well, pump the brakes on your excitement. Looks like there may be a "roll back" of what your season-pass allows you.

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Park services-

Hello Christine,

Thank you for contacting Cedar Point.

All-Season Fast Lane Plus includes unlimited access to Top Thrill 2 on each of your visits.

Only the Single-Day Fast Lane Plus product is limited to one-time access. To receive accurate information on our products, please visit the website here:

You can reply to this email with additional questions.


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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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I've seen screenshots apparently from the mobile app, where it previously listed season long FLP as providing once-daily access to TT2, and newer screenshots showing it providing unlimited access. So, it seems it was a goof up that has been corrected. If you want unlimited access to TT2, pony up for all season FLP.


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All the outrage. First folks are upset that they are even using FL at all for the shiny new ride, then the FL+ people are mad they can only use it once, then the season-pass people are happy that they get unlimited use, then they're mad because the app temporarily said something different, and now they're back to being happy again.


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No offseason for the Make Me Whole Department.

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Life in the Fast lane, really makes you lose your mind.

There was no real controversy. Even though the app had it listed wrong on the front page, if you actually clicked on the buy button on the app, it stated it was unlimited TT2.

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Life in the fast lane?

Sit tight fellas ;)

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A rough night? Must have taken it to the limit one more time. Try to Take it Easy, and you'll get a Peaceful Easy Feeling One of These Nights. I can't tell you why, but at Halloweekends watch for a Witchy Woman, you can't hide your Lyin Eyes.

Just be aware...when walking down the Frontier Trail sipping on another Tequila Sunrise, watch out for a Desperado.

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Why don't you guys come to your senses? These thrills that are pleasin' you, can hurt you somehow.

Sit tight fellas ;)

Bozman, why is Plinko illegal? Am i missing something from your February 5th post?


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