Early Bird or Night Owl?

Trying to decide between two plans:
Plan A- get there before opening and stay until around dinner time.
Plan B- Get there around 1 and stay until close.
Which plan would be better for overall line waiting? Going early June, weekday, hours are 10-10, have 2 daughters who love roller coasters.

Thanks for any advice.

Plan C- Get there before opening and stay until close.

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If you're going early June during the week, either plan should be good.

Schools in Michigan are done for the year in mid-June, so you might see some students visiting. They can bring a pretty decent crowd, but they'll almost invariably be gone by late evening. I'm not sure when Ohio schools are done for the year.

So, all else being equal, staying until close might be preferable.

If you're staying at a hotel, you could always do both. Head in to the park for a few hours in the morning, then head back to your hotel for a nap.

Alternatively, you could always head to Soak City for the afternoon.

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I vote for plan C with a long break mid-day. Either have a picnic back at the car for a late lunch or go off point for lunch somewhere with air conditioning. Take your time eating, drink lots of water to rehydrate and relax. Then go back to the park for the late afternoon and evening.

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Yes, of course. This is how people plan for Disney World. And we are staying in a hotel so a midday break makes sense. I am assuming though that the crowds build very quickly with a 10:00 am opening. So I should not plan on riding several big rides at opening.

I will assume you mean a hotel that is not part of cedar point so no early entry access. I would aim for at least one or two big rides (maverick, dragster and/or millie) first thing in the morning as long as you choose your entrance gate wisely, get tp the gate at least 15 minutes before it opens and gp straight for your first coaster.

Save the big front of park coasters (Rapter, gatekeeper amd Wicked Twister) for the evening as the lines start dropping around dinner time.

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