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I was in the regular TTD queue line today. There was no one in the fast pass line. I saw that the second train load station had 2 people in the front row queue. The first train load station had at least a dozen people for the first row. I nicely asked if if could go to the first row in the second station. I have done this before and never had an issue. They would not let me go to the second load area. Has anyone else seen this before? I just got into another row in the first station because I didn't want to wait 6 trains. On my way to another ride after riding TTD, I found 20 bucks on the ground which probably would not have happened if I rode want I wanted. Eased my frustration a little!

This seems to be a fairly "common" problem with keeping the loading areas completely separated. I don't know why they can't manage the station like Maverick. (with the exception of that roof support being in the middle)

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Earlier this year this happened to me, however the employee allowed me to go to the side that had a shorter line. When there is also no Fastlane people they put people from the regular line into both sides. I really don't understand why they aren't allowing both sides on with the regular queue as the regular queue takes twice as long when there is a line for Fastlane. I do like how they have a worker that keeps the station from filling up.

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CPB said:

I really don't understand why they aren't allowing both sides on with the regular queue as the regular queue takes twice as long when there is a line for Fastlane.

Really? you don't understand why?

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Is this new? I visited the park yesterday for the first time this season and was surprised to see the lines separated. Is the first load platform strictly for Fast Lane now?

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That's the way it looks.

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So the issue I have with CP is how they handle the people who come up the exit ramp due to medical issues. Don’t have an issue with them doing what they do but why is it allowed they can get the very front seat or the very last seat? I think those two should be off limits. It never fails I wait the extra wait for the premier seat and then am asked do you mind waiting one more so these people can go? If they want the front or back then let them wait in the station line for that particular seat. Not making them wait the entire line just the front or last car line in the station.

Any other seat open season.


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For the front seat special access , they generally add 15 minutes to their wait time when they sign up. Normal come back and board time time is the queue estimate, so it would be that plus 15 min. While not physically waiting for the front they are "Virtually" waiting. Granted for rides like MF and TTD the actuall wait for the front might be more than 15 min, but they did wait at least some extra amount. Back seat I've never heard of anyone having extra time added, but not a common request.

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Thoughts? Yes.
If you can’t wait one more train so a person who waited virtually due to a medical issue or a physical challenge can be accommodated and allowed the best seat in the house then shame on you.
Tell ya what. The next time they ask if you’d mind waiting one more train say yes. Look that rider in the eye and tell them you deserve to go first. Then someone besides me will know what a jackass you are.

Here’s my only (concern? gripe? I dunno the word here) about handicap “virtual” queueing. I get that not everyone can actually stand in line, due to physical or mental or developmental reasons. But are they sitting on a bench at the exit actually WAITING for their turn? Or are they off enjoying an elephant ear, or watching a show while cooling off in the air conditioning, or catching a spin on a ride with a shorter line? Because those aren’t really the same as having to WAIT your turn.

In the grand scheme of things it makes absolutely no difference to me one way or another but I kinda get Staaber’s point. Oh and also people coming up the exit aren’t always handicapped passes. There’s parent swap and line-skip rewards, too.


Wow! The griping on here about handicapped people getting a little bit of a benefit at an amusement park is disgusting. I agree, completely, with RCMAC when he or she says "Shame on you." Imagine being in those peoples' shoes everyday and tell me they don't deserve a little break at CP. I'm sure the guy and the girl who I saw on Sunday who are unable to use their legs were thinking how lucky they are that they don't have to stand in line like the rest of the poor unfortunate people do with their legs that still function.

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Bottom line they still wait for the ride. It does not matter where they wait or what their actions are while they wait.

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Let's play "would you rather"...

OPTION A: Would you like to have a physical/emotional/medical/life condition that significantly impacts your life in such a way that it actually qualifies you for a ride on a roller coaster without waiting in line?


OPTION B: Would you rather not have any type of said conditions referred to above (of which there are too many to even begin listing) and have to wait a few extra minutes while someone with one of the above gets to ride?

Now remember...that person getting to ride could be you! Winner winner chicken dinner! Of course it comes with a cost; some type of condition one probably would not wish upon oneself.

And while option B of course comes condition free, there is also a cost. A very steep cost. About 3 minutes of extra waiting time.

Choices, choices, choices...

Call me crazy, but when a train rolls up to my line and people have been placed there, I usually make an effort to smile at them and acknowledge them in a way that helps them know I'm not upset. There's a reason they are allowed to be in that seat, and whatever it is, my life has dodged whatever bullet got them there. God forbid you find yourself in that seat someday.

For @#$% sake, how are we even having this conversation?

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Back to where the original post was heading, ive noticed more control of station platforms this year, even on iron dragon where the lady wouldn’t let people pick a front row wait and only filled one train worth of people in the station at once. Is that necessary on rides like ID? I don’t think it is.

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Because amongst the roller coaster community, and not just this one, there’s a bizarre compulsion with wait times. Seriously, it’s the crux of so many conversations and occupies so much space. There’s a guy on FB who continuously updates wait times for Steel Vengeance. It’s no matter to me, and I don’t get the obsession. And when I see complaints like this I’m appalled. Good lord, it’s a ride at an amusement park, not needed emergency medical attention.

Take some advice from a 64 year old gay guy who’s been around the block several times and done his share of waiting for good things in life. Develop patience. Impatience is an unattractive quality. Kindly let people go ahead of you when it’s appropriate. Don’t let things like a little wait for something effect your day or run your life. Do things as quickly as you feel you must, but don’t waste and wish your life away. And please don’t make it at the expense of someone less fortunate than you. It’s a guarantee that some day you’ll require the same consideration and respect.

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I also wish more rides would have the Maverick approach of station control, which I certainly like, don't want to see an out of control station, but also allows for free choice at what to pick seat wise. SV of course I can understand the stricter station control.

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The worst seat line in the park seems to be for the front row of Valravn. The hosts don't assign seats for it, many guests can't count to 8 and the gates shut far too quickly for people to get past those whose group won't fit on that train. I had a group of 7 leave 5 seats empty after I stood 90 minutes in 90 degree sun...now THAT irritated me a tiny bit.

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Thankfully I like the back row best of Valravn best, often times I'll go up and no one is waiting there yet, I'll point there and they so go right ahead.

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Actually I think the best is Valraven. While I can understand how that one experience is frustrating, normally busting out 6-8 people per train with a 3 train operation on a short track makes that line move fast when it looks long. The wait for Millennium Force's first seat takes time, but well worth it occasionally.

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So a front or back seat ride on Vengeance is a complete lottery, with a one in twelve chance of either?

Anything a rider can do to improve their odds?

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