Do I have to be clean-shaven?

I've been growing a pretty epic beard and don't want to shave it off but may be starting at Cedar Point soon. Is shaving mandatory? I want to work a customer facing position.

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They got of their no-beard policy and no-tattoo policy a few years ago. You'll be fine.

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Define “epic”.

Well if you're working there this summer then you'll see when I arrive! :)

To the best of my knowledge, beards must be less than 1/2" in length, however there are some exceptions depending on what your job is.

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Well 1/2" isn't so epic! Any idea which jobs they'd be more lenient on?

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You and your epic beard could be a Screamster. Virtually no limitations there.

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cedarpoint2k19 said:

Well 1/2" isn't so epic!

That's what she said

From what I know, beards are allowed (not sure how long though), but growing one is not - you either have to be clean-shaven or already have a beard.

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