DMV check


Is anyone aware of how strict the DMV portion of the background check is? I might be getting a job at CP that I assume would include driving.

I have no DUIs or anything major, but I have a ticket that includes an accident and another no point speeding ticket (that still comes up on my background as a moving violation despite being no points)

Aside from that, clean background, never been arrested or anything.

Thanks for your help!

Didn’t you ask a question similar to this a while ago? Working at CP does not mean you have to drive. There are a lot of workers there that don’t have a car or drive. However, they do background checks on every employee. If you don’t have a misdemeanor or felony, you’re fine and will be considered for employment.

First time asking, lol.

Thanks for your help, I was just concerned of my driving history being that the job I'm applying for includes driving a company vehicle.

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